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…Marc Pilley’s towering song-writing talent was revealed on the Scottish quartet’s Pictures of Romance ep….. A troubadour of the old school, there’s no one in contemporary music with a voice quite like his.


Hobotalk are a four-piece band from Scotland, playing the words and music of charismatic singer/songwriter Marc Pilley. Marc combines thought provoking, sensitive lyrics with atmospheric melodies. Marc’s writing is complemented by a powerful vocal performance delivered with a sweet and haunting warmth. The Hobotalk style and sound is folk based, the songs are layered with rich vocal harmonies and supported by an uncluttered accompaniment. Comparisons to Tim Hardin, Fred Neil, The Band and Joni Mitchell have been drawn.

Hobotalk’s second album, Notes on Sunset is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Beauty in Madness album (Virgin/Hut) and will be released in late March in the UK on Circular Records (www.circular-records.com).

Notes on Sunset is an album of eleven carefully crafted songs performed in Hobotalk’s inimitable style and each song captures a moment or experience from the life of Marc Pilley.


On the Edge of Nowhere

Written By: Marc Pilley

No more to give
and little left to borrow
there's no silver linings
and no dream of tomorrow

I hawked all my yesterdays
just to buy me today
now I'm still here
on the edge of nowhere

No more to say
a little less to tell you
stuck in a place
where no-one comes to get you

I hawked all my yesterdays
just to buy me today
now I'm stuck here
on the edge of nowhere

and now I know
why the caged bird sings
for I will not go
and sleep off my things
I will not ease into the grave
you and the night left me

For I'm still here
on the edge of nowhere

Me & My Mountain

Written By: Marc Pilley

Me and my mountain
we're gonna war again
for just when I think
I reach the top
I lose a little more

I went searchin for answers
to questions not asked
now I don't care too much for answers
when just the being, is all I ask

me and my mountain
we're going to war again
for just when I think
I reach the top
I lose a little more again

I fight hard for each moment
in a delicate balance of tears
I fight hard for a decent memory
I've a lot of wasted years

And me and this mountain
we've got a score to settle
so I fight on with everyrhing
until the end of forever

Letter from a friend

Written By: Marc Pilley

I'm waklin down Maine
with the sun in my eyes
once again.
Yesterdays news is the skies
the skies my friend
I'm so glad to know you
to know you is to feel inside
for these California sunsets
don't mean shit when your upset

Stay by me, stay by me tonight
cause I don't wanna die
by the roadside

Is America dying

Call out the world
I'm scared and alone tonight
I'd lay down my arms
but my arms are the fright
that is this might
Since when was I becoming
and how long
have I been this way
frightened of the knowing
frightened of the thoughts of that day

Stay by me, stay by me tonight
cause I don't wanna die by the roadside
Is America dying


In the winter of 1999, Hobotalk signed to Virgin/Hut Records UK. On this label they recorded and released an E.P. (Pictures of Romance), and a full-length album (Beauty in Madness) which were both widely received with much critical acclaim.

Both of these releases were extensively toured throughout the UK and Europe. Including a nationwide tour of France, TV appearances in Ireland and the UK, a UK tour supporting labelmates Gomez, and dates in the summer festival series.

Notes on Sunset, the new CD album is released in the UK on the 31st of March 2005 on Circular Records.

Hobotalk Discography

Pictures of Romance EP 1999

1. Pictures of romance
2. Everything I was and I ain't now
3. Lately more than ever
4. In Mac's ford
5. Love you 'til tomorrow

Beauty in Madness LP 2000

1. Walks with me
2. I've seen some things
3. I Wait For You
4. Letter
5. Dime
6. Motion picture scarecrow
7. Jackdaw
8. Never said when
9. Beauty in madness
10. When they call us in

I've Seen Some Things (single) 2000

1. I've seen some things
2. Hymn to the boards
3. Kelley's heels

Walks With Me (single) 2000

Notes on Sunset (CD album) 2005

1. Little Light
2. Half your Life Away
3. Letter from a friend
4. In the arms of love
5. Book of life
6. Give your heart
7. Headstones
8. Me and my mountain
9. Life amongst these graves
10. Who are you now
11. On the edge of nowhere

Set List

The Hobotalk set is tailored to the requirements of an individual show and draws on the 'Beauty in Madness' album, the 'Pictures of Romance' EP and their soon to be released 'Notes on Sunset' CD album.