Trenton, Tennessee, USA

Imagine three black sheep born out of rural west Tennessee, tossing aside agricultural destinies to create a ragged, soulful indie-rock outfit. With a raw, honest sound and thoughtful, vivid lyrics, Hockaday is thunderous and poetic, much like a flaming copy of The Catcher in the Rye.


Having grown up together in the comatose town of Trenton, Tennessee, Garrett Hinson, Alex Jones, and Brice Watson accidentally formed Hockaday out of pure restlessness. Surrounded by tractor pulls and livestock auctions in high school, the trio retreated into Hinson's attic with their Bright Eyes, CCR, and White Stripes records, dreaming of rock & roll. They were together from the beginning, from buying their first guitars to their first gigs at local coffee shops.

Watson and Jones form a tight, driving rhythm section that rattles roof beams, while Hinson emerges as the poet, writing with an intense honesty that bleeds through into live shows. With their first album, "Nothingness", released in early 2010, the group has been playing throughout Tennessee, blowing into town in a red pickup packed with equipment, tearing through ferocious sets of indie-rock, folk, and blues, and then doing it all over again the next night, still the same three boys as before, hiding from those small-town blues and playing as hard as they can.


Make Love Not Sense

Written By: Garrett Hinson

Half a mile of propaganda propped up on a wall
Sleeping in a parking lot and waiting in the hall
Trapped down in a valley like a bird without a call
In the land of milk and honey, the finders keep it all

Time keeps getting spent for the sake of spending time
Saving souls and setting fires seems to satisfy
Tide me over, keep me happy, please stay by my side
Somewhere someone just got born and somewhere someone died

So keep an eye out for my train
And save yourself for my return
Make love not sense if you can
'Cause you never know when these things might hit you

Down in El Segundo is where I saw you first
You didn't ask for money but you asked me for my word
You left me in the rain like cocaine in the dirt
Then we met up in the morning and I swore it never hurt

A handful of old souls in a deep hole down in Soho
A woman is crying and a baby is sighing
I got shot down in a ghost town I kept moving 'til I fell down
A woman is crying and a brother is dying

Be a Rock

Written By: Garrett Hinson

I got one foot in the doorway
With the new radios on display
It bleeds out to the highway
Where the caravans roll

I heard an awful statistic
From a mumbling mystic
The air around you is indifferent
Full of chemicals

Don't roll away the stone
Just leave that poor thing alone

Be a rock, be a violin, be a hummingbird in a lion's den
Be a dogwood tree or a troubador, be a carpenter or a civil war

It blew through me like a new wind
And the plants out back bent like old men
Everyone's got something to defend
But it takes all kinds

Behind the two sets of apartments
The birds talk to cars from a blue fence
When I go out to look, I don't see it
But you never mind

Don't roll away the wheel
That statue ain't sitting still

An Epic Poem

Written By: Garrett Hinson

Pulled your hair back away from your face and kissed your mouth
My eyes they were wide and my thoughts fell all around
A head full of mud doesn't help me much now
When the words that I speak just fall on the ground

In a gray windowed room, I heard the spirits whisper
In a bowl were the fruits of our labor, still tasting bitter
When we made it happen, I found my center
Like the long steady flow of a mighty river

I don't dream anymore, it's too hard on my back
I saw a lot of strange things with the details too exact
People taking and keeping whatever they can
Fighting and killing for reasons they lack

I took the time to write this epic poem
When I could be leaving, yeah, I could be gone
There's a new day, bursting at my window
When I could going, yeah, I could be home

Saw a garden of women that judged me as I passed
They were calling and beckoning me to become a man
Winter took them away, but the questions they asked
Were still lodged in my brain when summer came back

In a hole in the wall, the public talks to God
They say it's well with their soul for the week, at least they thought
They resist every bi-law until they get caught
And then lay it all down at the feet of the cross

Breaking Rank

Written By: Garrett Hinson

The bough broke overhead just as we settled
And looking down, my body was not my own
Everything around us started changing
And my ears were ringing like a telephone

People came from all directions, out of every building
Cameras started flashing in our faces
Across the street in a parked car, waiting for a reason
I began to feel so out of place

And I cried out to you...

I gave you my coat as it came down
And eight long blocks of bystanders stood by
Those hollyhawks were blooming by the roadside
And crimson red fell all across the sky

People came from all directions, out of every building
And all around they started breaking rank
Across the street in a parked car, waiting for a reason
All I saw was that Pennsylvania plate


Written By: Garrett Hinson

My name, it don't matter much, and you've probably forgot
I'm hard to kill and harder to keep, so don't you give it any thought
A stabbing smile from the juke joint strip and a folsom prison cough
I'm leaving you my photographs like a technicolor song

Loneoak, yeah, loneoak, I'm glad you found your place
Between a rock and the hot sun, you've got a leather Indian face
It's been rough and ragged, it's been one more outlaw chase
So take me somewhere sacred, take me out of state

So keep me honest at my weakest
Keep me modest at my bleakest

You left your mark on the blue sky and on the muddy fields
You left your mark on the pastures, and on up through the mills
You never knew what love was for, you never knew how loves feels
But I can hear as plain as day those noisy, joyful wheels

You spent a lot of time face down on the gravel road
Is that okay? Is that okay?
You make me want to carry you and that's a heavy load
Is that okay? Is that okay?


Nothingness (2010)

1. Make Love Not Sense
2. Next Year's Blues
3. Tengo Que Va
4. Somewhere I Don't Want to Be
5. Comfort of Living
6. Simple Appreciation of a Good Woman
7. Be a Rock
8. Loneoak
9. Breaking Rank
10. An Epic Poem
11. Wild Blue

Set List

(An Average Set List)

1. Make Love Not Sense

2. Be a Rock

3. Among the Weeds

4. One More Cup of Coffee (Bob Dylan cover)

5. Somewhere I Don't Want to Be

6. Comfort of Living

7. Loneoak

8. Pistolero

9. Slight Figure of Speech (Avett Brothers cover)

10. Bread and Water

11. An Epic Poem

12. Song for a Careless Lover

13. One Chance (Modest Mouse cover)

14. Disappearing Act

15. Simple Appreciation of a Good Woman

16. California Waiting (Kings of Leon cover)

17. Wild Blue