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Imperial Beach, California, United States | SELF

Imperial Beach, California, United States | SELF
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"Hocus: The Most Dangerous Band In The World"

I first heard of Hocus and their self-proclaimed title of “The World’s Most Dangerous Band” back sometime last year, but it wasn’t until they performed at last weeks "Love Sucks: A Valentines Day Metal Show" at the IB Sports Park that I actually heard them play. Check out some videos from that event here.

Their sound was a hugely refreshing departure from the rest of the bands who played that evening, who were mostly metal.

Nothing against them, but the ear just wants something different after a few down-tuned growling metal bands. That sound hearkens back to the grunge pop of the 1990s: upbeat, a little loud and unruly at times but utilizing a Nirvana-style ethos of song dynamics.

The group, made up of lead vocalist/guitarist Fat Lando, bassist/vocalist Bosh and drummer/vocalist Rhino, has only been around since Jan. 2009 but have already made an impression on the local scene with their simple-but-catchy alternative rock sound.

I caught up with Fat Lando for an e-interview earlier this week.

Imperial Beach Patch: First things first: Worlds Most Dangerous Band?

Lando: Yes, we are. We push the envelope with our songs, our performances and attitude. There is a lot of music out now, either local or on the airwaves, that is just not real. There is no soul or energy. It's boring, or paint by numbers.

Some people don't like our honesty either song wise or even in discussions, but either way, it's such a rush when Scott Higby, our MC, starts every performance with "Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome from Imperial Beach California, San Diego Music Award 2010 Nominee, The Worlds Most Dangerous Band HOCUS.

IB Patch: How would you guys classify your music?

Lando: I call it rock and roll, Bosh says it's grunge, and Rhino just loves to play drums. Call it what you want as long as he can play.

IB Patch: How did everyone’s nicknames originate?

Lando: I used to be real skinny, so I was always called Fat Lando. Unfortunately, it's become a reality. Bosh was given her moniker by one of her good friends since 2007, and Rhino is just a total monster on the drums. His playing is like a rhinoceros slamming through your walls.

IB Patch: You’ve accomplished quite a bit in your short period of existence. What’s the main goal, and how are you guys planning on getting there?

Lando: We all have a love for playing music whether it’s with Hocus or other projects. If you want something, you really have to work hard for it. It won't be given to you. Our goal now would be find a management company that would have faith in us and help steer us into the right direction. Other than that, either tour nationally or internationally and continue writing and recording our second album.

IB Patch: What is your opinion of the scene here in IB/SD?

Lando: Honestly, the scene here in San Diego is extremely (clicky?) clique. There are lots of bands out here who are supposedly the next big thing, but they are just as popular as certain publications or radio stations will make them. They are just playing simple songs with no actual song structure or have some gimmick that is just at times ridiculous.

A lot of bands have the stage presence of a microphone stand. It is kind of annoying because they know someone at a certain venue, magazine, radio station and just drill their horrible nonsense into the public.

But at the end of the day, if it makes your feet tap, or gets you out to shows, then by all means it must be good. As far as Imperial Beach? I believe that IB is a sleeping giant that is getting ready to waken. There is some great talent in this town. Not only that, but every Tuesday, the Beach Club Bar and Grille hosts an open mic from 6 -10 p.m. How cool is that?

IB Patch: Anything else you want to add?

Lando: If you want to hear and see a great rock and roll band, then come see Hocus.

We are always playing somewhere, whether it's on a stage or in your dreams. If you don't like Hocus, then by all means go see our friends: The Touchies, Privatized Air, Squirrelly Arts, Starcrossed, The Very, The Unruly Bangs and loads of other great bands in town. A lot of shows are under $10, and you will not be disappointed.

You can catch Hocus at Bar Eleven this Saturday Feb. 19 at 9pm. Click here for more details. Also performing are For Days and Lessons From Zeke.

$6 cover.
- Imperial Beach Patch, Published 18 February 2011

"Hocus at the Shakedown Bar"

Hocus is a three-piece rock band from Imperial Beach. With influences from far-ranging ’80s and ’90s rock with a measure of hardcore punk thrown in, Hocus performed an energetic set at the Shakedown Bar in the Midway district. Members consist of Fat Lando on guitars and vocals, Vesper on bass and vocals, and drummer Rhino keeping the beat.

The band charged through a series of songs off their album Better Than You. "Jimmy Stones" got the Shakedown set off to a rousing start, followed by a catchy "Mary's Fault," the band's new single. Especially powerful was the female bassist's growling rendition of "Yuppied Out," an angry ode to acquaintances who have sold out. Hocus played a shout-out cover of buddy band Privatized Air’s "Pain Reliever" and then concluded their set with "Banshee," which morphed into "Bipolar Girl," a song that, according to guitarist Lando, calls out attractive women who play games with men.

The Hocus set was saucy yet smooth; melodic rock but with some raw punk thrown into the mix. Keep them on your radar.

Concert: Hocus
Date: December 16
Venue: Shakedown Bar
Seats: Front bar stool
- San Diego Weekly Reader By Gail Powell | Published Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2010

"San Diego Punk dot Com Band of The Month for April 2010. Hocus"

What are your names and what instruments do you play?

Fat Lando - Guitars and Vocals
Vesper - Bass and Vocals
Dundee - Drums

How did you come up with your band name?
Hocus is actually the name of Fat Lando's cat. He's a 13 year old cat that we brought back from London, England.

What band has the most influence on your song writing and why?
I would say John Lennon and Nirvana. Basically just keeping it simple but with alot of emotion usually works well.

In the next 5 yrs where do you each see the band going?
Fat Lando - hopefully starting our 3rd world tour and finishing our 3rd album.
Dundee - Still touring and recording.
Vesper - playing live and recording

If you could open up for any band right now, which would it be?
The Distillers

How do you describe your sound?
Like a smooth relaxing drink with a twist of razor blades.

Is there anything that you would like to change about the local San Diego music scene?
I wish that San Diego would be more supportive to original bands and quit pushing cover/tribute bands down everybodies throats and that bands would be less of "what's in it for me" and just play music for the sake of music.

Any big news items that are on the horizon?
We're currently writing new songs that are more heavier and faster than the ones off our album "Better Than You" and playing some great shows. 4th and B being one of them on the 23rd. We'd like for everyone to come to our gigs, but if you can only choose one, please come to the 4th and B show in Downtown San Diego. We'll throw in our album or t shirt with a $10.00 ticket purchase.

What is the biggest thing about the band that you want to improve?
Personally I (Fat Lando) would like to lose about 20 pounds (ha.ha.) but if anything, probably just getting better with our songwriting and maybe getting some new gear. If you would like to help Hocus with anything, go to www.myspace.com/hocusmusic and click on the donate button. You can also use this feature to buy cd's and shirts.

Any last words?
Thank you sandiegopunk.com for selecting us as "Band of the Month". And please come to our shows, you won't be dissapointed.

Hocus April Shows:
08 April: Pounders, Escondido, CA
13 April: Humphrey's Backstage, San Diego, CA
15 April: The Tin Can Alehouse, San Diego, CA
23 April: 4th and B, San Diego, CA
- www.sandiegopunk.com


Better Than You (Album) - Released December 4, 2009.
Mary's Fault (Single) - Released December 7, 2010



Hocus is a three piece rock band from San Diego California. With influences from 80's 90's and the new millennium, Hocus ensures us that Rock and Roll is still alive. Members consist of Fat Lando, Guitars and Vocals and Bosh, Bass and Vocals and Rhino on Drums. Our songs stay in your head and pay an extended lease.