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San Diego, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

San Diego, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Hocus "Better Than You""

"After playing their first show at O’Connell’s in January 2009, the band’s debut album Better Than You was nominated Best Local Recording at the 2010 San Diego Music Awards. Martinez describes his songwriting as “A blend of ’90s, British, and today... I’d say Hocus music is like a smooth, relaxing drink with a twist of razor blades. Music that is melodic and raw at the same time. For being a three-piece, we make quite a ruckus.” Hocus also includes bassist/singer Lorina Montejano (aka Lolita) and drummer Ryan Schilawski (aka Rhino). The trio appears in the upcoming documentary A San Diego Concert Film, which also features such locals as the Soft Pack, the Silent Comedy, and Transfer. Hocus is working on a new CD slated for release later this year." - Jay Allen Sanford, San Diego Weekly Reader (Aug 17, 2011)

"Film Trailer puts the Focus on Hocus"

They call it “48 Hour Freak Out.” It’s a film short of the band Hocus performing whirlwind gigs over the space of one weekend in San Diego. “I thought,” says singer/guitarist Lando Martinez, “wouldn’t it be cool if we filmed these?” Reason enough. In the opening scene Hocus bassist Lolita is sitting in a car for lack of a dressing room, putting on makeup. The trio otherwise appears to be lost somewhere in the vicinity of Mission Bay, the setting for the first of their three shows: on the big stage at the Powerboat Races.

“Later that same evening, we played in Lemon Grove at a tiny biker bar called the Good Guys Tavern,” says Martinez. “It’s been there since the 1940s.” By comparison to the 50-foot outdoor Powerboat stage, the bandstand inside Good Guys is absurdly small and potentially lethal. By the looks of things, there is hardly enough room for a drum kit, let alone a pair of punks with electric guitars thrashing about in the confinement.

Martinez, aka Fat Lando is ex Navy and a student at Southwestern College. He lives in nearby Imperial Beach. He describes Hocus’ music as being what the Ramones would have sounded like if they’d had a fifth member named Noel Gallagher. Punk, in other words, with much in the way of melodic hooks. In addition to Lolita, the other member is a drummer who goes by the name of Rhino. Hocus, by the way, is actually the name of Martinez’ cat. “It’s a user-friendly name. Not derogatory, and good for metal and punk.”

Hocus the band is two years old, having played their first engagement at the former O’Connell’s in 2009. “We’ve been working hard ever since,” says Martinez. But critics, and some venue owners, say they’re working a bit too hard. “We are guilty of doing a lot of shows, but we travel around the county. There’s at least a 20 mile distance between venues.”

The final segment of “48 Hour Freak Out” has Hocus on the stage at the Casbah, grinding it out as openers for the Bloody Hollies. It is a plum gig. By now in the film chronology the members of Hocus, tired as they may be, are firing on pure adrenaline. “The Bloody Hollies,” says Martinez, “thought we were cool.”

“Freak Out,” as it turns out, is a slice of the performer’s life. It documents, if inadvertently, the reality of what it means to be a regional band engaged in the low-paying and highly variable job of music. But why make this film? It turns out the clip will find use as a virtual resume. And why not? On its surface “48 Hour Freak Out” is as funny as one of those Monkee’s TV adventures of old and Hocus’ performances are full-throttle. “We made this as our calling card,” says Martinez. “People like it, but it’s also a promo piece.” In other words, you’ll likely see the movie, instead of a show poster, on Facebook in advertisement of coming shows. “By the end of a day,” says Martinez, “it’s a commercial.” - San Diego Reader

"Album review: Outside Your Door by Hocus"

There's a digital advance of Outside Your Door, the coming album from IB rockers Hocus in my inbox. Hocus is Fat Lando on vox and guitars, with Rhino the drummer and Lolita on bass and backup vocals. The release date is set for November 19. Herewith is a track-by-track accounting of the much anticipated new music from the two-time San Diego Music Awards nominees.

Bipolar Girl: My cat walked out of the house once in protest when I played a Mower cassette tape at volume in the living room. This time, when Fat Lando's voice comes booming out of my speakers, the cat runs out of the house.

My Insanity: Half way through this track I realize I have to get the cat back and that somehow I have lost my car keys but no matter. I'm in a mood to steal my neighbor's motor home. Who will know? After all, she's in the hospital.
Better Than You: Be very afraid. But, of what?

Here I Go: Jim Morrison would have dug the, ahh, blatant copping of his band's one good lick from "Riders on the Storm" which then veers off musically into Hocusland, a dark place full of bitchen amplifier noise and much yelling.

Jimmy Stones: I get the impression that there really is a Jimmy Stones, and that he owes someone in the Hocus band a lot of money.

Mary's Fault: A woman you dated a couple of times calls one night and says: There's Something I Need to Tell You. This song is what the pause that always comes right after that opening line feels like. Nice reworking of the riff from the Black Crowe's "No Speak No Slave," btw.

Five to One: The Hocus band needs to write the remaining Doors a very big check. They have violated rule number one: never make your version sound better than the band you are covering, especially if they are sanctified.

It's Been 10 Years: This is the one song on the album that fools a listener into thinking Hocus may have a cheerful side: "It's been 10 years," Flando sings, "since you have died."

Pain Reliever: Why has this band not taken home SDMA gold yet?

Banshee: It is physically impossible to drive around Coronado and headbang considering the speed limit here is a strictly enforced crawl. Traffic cops are everywhere. While I'm rooting around in the glove box, looking for my proof of insurance and registration and not finding anything that looks familiar, that's when I remember that I have stolen my neighbor's motor home. - San Diego Reader


Hocus Outside The Door is a vicious, all-out, no holds barred attack on the senses. Full volume buzz saw guitar and banshee scream and wails from front man Fat Lando collide with the animalistic drumming (to me the highlight of the record) from Rhino to create a Nirvana meets Ramones meets loud scorched-earth rock ‘n’ roll.

You get a good taste of Hocus’s punk approach and in your face raunchy swagger on the blistering tromp “Mary’s Fault.” Second song, the addictive “Pain Reliever,” comes with a chorus you can sing along to before the background yells of bass player Lolita slap you from your comfort zone. Throughout the record they transcend their bash and crash sound with a Smashing Pumpkins-like sonic delivery. The lead track “Banshee” is the perfect example of the three piece band’s combined ability to come up gritty while still delivering sonically.

Half way through the record, lead singer and guitarist Fat Lando is fully warmed up and holds nothing back, breaking the sound barrier with guitar and vocal pyrotechnics on “Here I Go.” The following song “Jimmy Stones” continues the band’s brutal, sloppy disdain for control, letting loose some of the hardest rocking, flame throwing grind San Diego has to offer. If you like it loud, loose and fast, this one’s for you. - San Diego Rock and Roll (Website)

"Hocus reassuring us Rock is still alive"

On Facebook, in the About section; you will notice this boastful claim ” Hocus ensures us that Rock and Roll is still alive”

So, you might think to yourself, ” Mmmmm yeah…. This 3 piece local band whose band members have names like: Fat Lando, Gateway Doug, Death Crush; is going to ensure me that Rock and Roll is still alive” then you’re going to listen to some of this ear candy and think, “Well, I’ll be damned! Hocus is literally ROCKING my ass off!”

What did I think?

What I heard when listening to Hocus is that “Lets party our asses off” sound that is basic to Punk then sounding extra tasty nasty with that grind and heaviness of Hard Rock. Wait, do I hear a nod or two of psychedelic mod rock tossed in here and there? My God is Hocus actually doing a sick cover of the Doors “Five to One” ?

You know what? To me, Hocus is a delicious blend of Punk, Alternative and Hard Rock.

So, yeah, this is what Rock is all about and it’s soooooooo freak’n alive!!

Because music is art and appreciation of art is always an individual thing; please listen to the following tracks and enjoy the video.

If you want to know about Hocus, don’t forget to hook up with Hocus via their website and social media links. Also, check out their record label, Raunchola Productions - blattherbubble


Still working on that hot first release.



Hocus is a three piece rock band from San Diego California.  With guitar driven hooks and catchy melodies, Hocus ensures us that Rock and Roll is still alive.

Nominated for BEST LOCAL RECORDING at The San Diego Music Awards 2010.

Nominated for BEST ROCK BAND at The San Diego Music Awards 2012.

Nominated for BEST ALTERNATIVE ALBUM at The San Diego Music Awards 2014

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