Hogan's Fountain

Hogan's Fountain


Hogan's Fountain is an original band with a classic sound featuring catchy melodies with a jam band alter ego. The band is currently recording their first album and is developing a fan base in their area.


The band got their name from the Cherokee Park landmark "Hogan's Fountain" which has been a staple meeting place for Louisville's counter culture over the years. Their sound has brought people back from the 60's and given it a new appeal. The term "modern classic" describes HF best and gives an audience something they can relate to immediately. HF is currently working on their first album to be released in the late Fall.


"Shine Your Light on Me", "The Lonesome Ballad of Robert Zimmerman", and "Down to the River" are included on the band's upcoming album.

Set List

We normally do 3 sets at an hour long apiece.
About half are originals, the other half covers that include our unique versions of songs like Horse with No Name, Cortez the Killer, Tombstone Blues...
We are always working on new material which constantly changes our set list.