Hogg Maulies

Hogg Maulies


A unique blend of country, classic rock, and alternative, and lyrics that every listener can feel and relate to.


With powerful lyrics, driven songs, and a strong stage presence, The Hogg Maulies bring together the elements to create a distinctive sound to the Texas Music forefront.

Growing up in West Texas, Rode Morrow, Bradey Murphree, and David Mullins started a band in 2001 by plugging in two microphones and two guitars into one amplifier and started playing in a crop-duster hanger. It didn't take long for them to figure out that if they got out from under the tin in the hanger, they might just sound a little better. While attending Texas Tech University, they met up with Jerod Foster, from Paradise, Texas, whose lead guitar influences come from the 60s and 70s. The band was complete.

When asked once how the name “The Hogg Maulies” came about, the band replied:

“One night we were getting ready to go to a concert in Lubbock, and someone asked about a few of our buddies that hadn't come to see us play in a while. They were big farm boys and were always shopping for showhogs. So then it was said, ‘Those hogg maulies are never around to see us play,’ and thus we called the band The Hogg Maulies.”

Since the creation of The Hogg Maulies, they have broken into the market and have recorded two studio albums, along with a very recent live album in Lubbock at The Blue Light April 14th, 2007, scheduled to release soon. They have established a very loyal following around the state but consider Lubbock their home.

Since the conception of the band, fiddle player, Preston Wait from Campo, Colorado, and bass player Parker Morrow from Sweetwater, Texas, have been added to the group. They are currently music performance students at South Plains College, and Preston has made appearances with Texas Country act Cooder Graw, along with Nashville Recording Artist Trent Wellmon.

The Hogg Maulies’ first studio album, “The Ride,” was released in March, 2005. Additional musicians included Jason Lerma and Eric Andrews (Aaron Watson and the Orphans of the Brazos), Kina Lankford, Scot Williams, and Larry Rains. The album’s single, “Austin Slow Down,” was recognized as the number 35 song of 2005 by Radio Free Texas (www.radiofreetexas.org), where it spent eight weeks in the Top 10. The single also spent 10 weeks in the Top 10 on Texas Music Theater Radio (www.tmtr.net).

In late 2005, The Hogg Maulies reentered the studio to record their second album, “Here to Stay.” In August, 2006, the group brought in Debbie Green Promotions to assist in marketing The Hogg Maulies on the radio. The debut single from the album, “Goodnight,” made it to number 21 on the Texas Music Chart in 2006. The Hogg Maulies also had a follow-up single "Here To Stay," make the top 25 as well.

Smith Music Group just picked up "Here To Stay" and released in August of 2007. The album is available all over the state in select stores as well as digital online stores such as Itunes.

“The Hogg Maulies: Live@ the Blue Light” was recorded on April 14th, 2007, in Lubbock, Texas, and is scheduled to release soon. Matt Martindale from Cooder Graw will be the main producer for the album, which will have a studio track of the brand new song "On Your Own Tonight" as well. This is the first live album from The Blue Light since Wade Bowen's recording in 2001. Expect to see this record released by Smith Music as well.

The Hogg Maulies are planning to record their third studio album within the next with producer Matt Martindale from Cooder Graw once again at the reigns. The group states the new album “will be an awesome reflection of our success so far, all the fun we've had, and all of the people we've met. The songs on the album will push us to the limit, and we’re confident that with Martindale behind the wheel, it will be our biggest project yet.”

The Hogg Maulies’ influences can be attributed to just about all genres of music. Rode just likes great songs, no matter what genre, which seems to be the Texas Music forefront and ideology. Obviously, Jerod comes out of the 60's and 70's, while David and Parker thrive on both rock and country as well. Preston comes from Bob Wills of course, along with Bradey Black being his main influence from our generation.

The Hogg Maulies have shared the same stage with many artists and friends such as Reckless Kelly, Gary P. Nunn, Cooder Graw, the Eli Young Band, Aaron Watson, Travis Linville, Scott Evans, The Charlie Shafter Band, Tommy Alverson, Copperhead, Texas Jack, The Sunny Helms Band, and Drew Womack, and many more.

David Brooks

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Live @ The Blue Light - Lubbock, TX (2007)
Scheduled to release soon!

"Goodnight" - Hit #21 on the Texas Music Chart - 2006

"Here To Stay" - Top 25 on the Texas Music Chart - 2007

The Hogg Maulies: Live @ The Blue Light (2007)

1. Roll On
2. Love Is So Sweet
3. Here To Stay
4. Truth Be Known
5. Austin Slow Down
6. Right Where You Belong
7. Fall Back
8. Tower Bells
9. On Your Own Tonight
10. Dead Flowers
11. Goodnight
12. Greenback Dollar
13. On Your Own Tonight - Studio Version

Here To Stay (2006)

1. Here To Stay
2. Goodnight
3. Fall Back
4. Feel Me Anymore
5. Sweet Carolina
6. Long Time Gone
7. Cold Hard Winter Run
8. Let's Roll
9. Right Where You Belong
10. If The Red River Floods
11. Life

The Ride (2005)

1. Austin Slow Down
2. If I Wasn't Sober
3. Roads I've Traveled
4. One or Two
5. One to Hold
6. Longneck
7. Ride Cowboy Ride
8. Gonna Take Texas
9. Pickin' Time

Set List

Varies depending on venue.