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Peoria, Arizona, United States | INDIE

Peoria, Arizona, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Americana


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"playing some mighty tasty, kick ass Southern rock"

If you go looking for good ol Southern rock, Peoria, Arizona might very well be the laststop on your tour, but guess what?
Out there on the spiritaul vortex in the middle of the desert there is a band called Hogjaw playing some mighty tasty,
kick ass Southern rock.
These guys don't mess around. They come out of the chute kicking hard, like an old school Molly Hatchet with a little
Metallica tossed in for good measure. This ain't music for wimps, ladies and gents. From the rocking "4Lo" to equally bombastic tunes like "El Camino,""The Fog,"and "Junga," the music just keeps on a rocking. What I really like is that these guys obviously have a sense of humor too, judging from the last track, "Cheap Whiskey," which sounds more like old mountain music being played on someone's porch in West Virginia than by a rowdy bunch of Southern rock fans out in Arizona. Look for great things from these boys.
-Michael Buffalo Smith - Michael Buffalo Smith @ gritz Magazine

"8. The playing and singing are solid!"

The playing and singing are solid!! I’m hearing hints of the Southern side of rock. - TAXI- A&R company - USA

"9. Here’s some true grit American RocknRoll!"

"Well slap the dog, and spit in the creek! Here's some true grit American redneck rocknroll at it's
finest. These boys have mastered the art of capturing that fine southern rock sound, and that
should not be denied."
- Dj Otis Badass- Redneck Rampage Radio - USA

"this music brings the balls back to Southern Rock !"

Skydog @ Red Dirt Radio - Texas, USA
Hey Y'all ! Received the advance copy of the CD a few days ago and it hasn't left my CD
player since. I've added "The Fog" and "Cheap Whiskey" to the play list on Red Dirt Radio.
Keep on rockin' y'all...this music brings the balls back to Southern Rock ! - Skydog @ Red Dirt Radio - Texas, USA

"Hogjaw is the Southern Rock band of the first decade of the Millennium"

my problem is deciding what songs to play first coz all are so damn good! It’s been
well worth the wait. Hand on heart, Hogjaw is THE Southern Rock band of the first decade of the Millennium. Back to basics, no frills the like of which we haven't seen since the early days of Blackfoot & Doc Holliday. Hell yeah!
- Paul Chambers @ ARFM- Radio station in England, UK

"7. This band’s got a great sound that is uniquely their own!"

read the whole interview @


"I have listened to this CD 5 or 6 times all the way through and I really do like it! As a matter of fact, it's still in the CD player in my car. This band's got a great sound that is uniquely their own, but their southern influences can definitely be heard on most of the tracks. I hear a little Skynyrd, MTB, Hatchet, Metallica and some ZZ Top. But most importantly what I hear are four talented musicians that have worked very hard and have written some great music. All four members of the band have known each other since high school and you can hear that bond in the music. This is a very dedicated group of musicians who are serious about what they do, but at the same time they are having a great time doing it! They live here in the Phoenix area and I was not able to catch one of their shows last month, but hopefully will in the very near future. I'm also looking forward to the release of their new CD. I'm sure it will be awesome! So, if you're into listening to some good ole Southern Rock 'n' Roll.....these guys will deliver it to ya." - Teri Merchant @ Southern Fried Magazine

"Live review of the band"

Hogjaw, Jack Ripper, and Jackyl at Brickhouse Theatre, Friday, May 9

Sat May 10, 2008 at 01:24:57 PM
By Niki D’Andrea

So Hogjaw took the stage first. “We’re just some fucking rednecks from the woods,” singer and guitarist JonBoat Jones told the audience.

And that was about the extent of the lyrics we could understand. “All I heard was ‘drunk,’ ‘truck,’ ‘whiskey,’ and ‘redneck,’” Bones said afterward.

All three of us marveled at how much Hogjaw reminded us of the dirty Southern rock of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and I was impressed with the band’s musicality. The guitar riffs were gritty, the solos were solid, and the drummer used lots of cowbell. After the band’s set, I talked to Jones, who informed me that drummer KWAL and bassist Elvis DD used to be in Valley metal band N17, one of the most celebrated live acts in Phoenix. “We’ve known each other since high school,” Jones told me. “KWAL and Elvis joined N17, and we [Jones and lead guitarist Craig Self] went fishing.”

Fans of monster rock like ZZ Top, Nashville Pussy, and Mountain would do well to check out Hogjaw – the band’s having its CD release party at Joe’s Grotto on June 7.
- Niki D’Andrea - music editor @ Phoenix New times

"WOW! I am really impressed!"

WOW! I am really impressed ! Your drummer is excellent. I am loving the vocals. Turn up the piano and the bass player a little bit and I think you will you have yourself a hit! Thanks for including me to hear it. I wish you all the very best! God bless you. Love, JoJo - Jo Jo Billingsley – Original (honkette) back-up singer for Lynyrd Skynyrd

"I hear dozens of new bands a week, and yours caught my ear!"

Diggn yer tunes... I work for an indie rock label called DRT Entertainment. I like the stuff. You’ve got yerself a real quality jam! I hear dozens of new bands a week, and yours caught my ear... - Job @ DRT Entertainment


Cheap Whiskey - EP - 2007
Devil in the Details - CD - 2008
Ironwood - CD - 2010
Ironwood - LP - 2010
Sons of the Western skies - CD - 2012
Sons of the Western skies - LP - 2012
Devil in the Details - LP - 2012
If it Ain't Broke - CD - 2013 - release in June
If it Ain'r Broke - LP - 2013 - release in August

**************** 5 HOGJAW VIDEO"S HERE**************



The roller coaster ride that is being in a successful rock and roll band never ends. Hogjaw is about to take its fourth ride with its upcoming release, "IF IT AIN’T BROKE..." which will be released this summer June 18th, 2013. Expect the album to be just that - short for, "if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it", which is the philosophy members JB Jones (Guitar/vox), Elvis D (Bass), Kreg (Lead Guitar) and Kwall (Drums/Vox) have taken on. Don’t try to change who you are!!! And expect the unexpected...

Like what was said of the first record, "Like a four-wheel drive, Hogjaw have gone off-road into the music industry, and taken it head-on, brandishing their own trail of rock & roll." Well, they have remained on the same road that’s now more traveled en-route. This road can take many twists and turns, of course, but it also leads to some beautiful scenery and places that so many other artists do not understand how to arrive at because of the molding by the music industry that keeps so many on the same old trail.

Hogjaw have released three studio records since 2008: "Devil in the Details," "Ironwood" (2010), and "Sons of the Western Skies" (2012). This collection of songs is what defines the band, period. About to embark on a fourth release with (engineer/producer) Byron Filson at Villain Recording, it is strongly believed no fan will be disappointed! "IF IT AIN’T BROKE" will feature songs like; "One More Little One", "Built my Prize", "Cold Dead Fingers", "Shiny Brass", and these are just a few of the tracks from this Southwestern band’s next offering.

The live performances, which are another big factor in how bands shape themselves, are something that Hogjaw definitely prides themselves in. They have found themselves not only touring through North America, but even abroad in Europe & Scandinavia. In 2011 Hogjaw joined forces with booking agency Teenage head Music, enabling them to perform for fans in places they never dreamt they’d visit. Now, the 3rd European tour is booked and a 2nd tour of North America is coming together!

ITunes, CDBABY, & Southern Records.DE (for vinyl) are a few places you can find Hogjaw’s music. They have had songs used in TV shows like "Army Wives" (Lifetime network),"3 Gun Nation" (versus network), and four wheeling video by "Yankee Truck Night." The band has released five videos that were filmed, edited and produced by JB Jones - one of which ("Gitsum"), spawned notoriety as an anthem for the bands Second Amendment views. There is also the possibility of a live video release later on in the year as some good footage was taken in Spain on the 2012 travels.

Far from the end of their journey, these four friends from the same high school are living their dream of writing music together, and performing what they enjoy, just how they like it. What’s next for these Arizona guys? The next plausible step is to just move forward, because "IF IT AIN’T BROKE…," don’t fix it!!

Here’s to more music, travel & fun!