If you like Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey or The Simpsons then you will love HogWild! College audiences LOVE him because he speaks the TRUTH about dating, RELATIONSHIPS, and sex. HogWild's latest video topped the charts on YouTube! You will have an awesome time at his show!


* In a New York City event covered by MTV News, HogWild was named "Emerging Comedian of the Year!"

* Millions of people have enjoyed HogWild's silly satire on...

* Comedy Central
* 107.9 The End, New Rock Radio
* Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, NYC
* Mad Magazine
* The Laugh Factory, NYC

* His comedy website www.hogwild.net has received MILLIONS of happy visitors!

* HogWild began his career broadcasting his original comedy on his University’s award-winning radio station, his show shattering the station’s ratings records and earning him recognition as the Outstanding Student Leader in Most Creative Media Communication.

* HogWild went on to be rock radio Morning Show Producer.

* Since morning radio was so easy for him, at age 21, the station also gave him his very own weekend show where he tripled the ratings in the 18-24 year old age group! (Ratings for the 75 – 92 year old age group dropped precipitously.)

* HogWild lives in New York City but will visit you in exchange for an audience, a bag of money, and a plate of barbecue chicken wings.

Set List

You choose the set you want me to do: 30, 45, or 60 minutes.