Helsinki, Central Finland, FIN

Contemporary folk band Hohka mix Finnish tradition, catchy pop tunes and global atmospheres in a unique, energetic blend. Founded 2006, Hohka have played venues ranging from outdoor festival stages to intimate acoustic clubs. In November 2011, Hohka won the Nordic folk music band competition Nord11.


Hohka was founded in 2006 and has since then performed actively mostly in Finland. With the Nord11 competition victory and release of their first album Puutarhautuminen in late 2011, the band was acknowledged in the Finnish media.

Hohka's members come from diverse musical backgrounds. Meriheini Luoto's dynamic folk violin playing and Valtteri Lehto's mastery of the Finnish national instrument kantele melt together with accordionist Veikko Muikku's pop/jazz arranging skills and Maksim Purovaara's Motown and swing influenced basslines. Together the young talented musicians create a multi-faceted combination of back-to-the-roots traditionalism, modern soundscapes, and catchy, danceable tunes.

On release, Hohka's album "Puutarhautuminen" was praised extensively in the Finnish media. Finnish Music Quarterly describes the band's music as "rakish and refreshingly playful", while newspaper Helsingin Sanomat goes on to proclaim Hohka "a kick on folk music's buttocks".

Meriheini Luoto, fiddle & nyckelharpa
Valtteri Lehto, kantele & guitar
Veikko Muikku, accordion
Maksim Purovaara, double bass


Puutarhautuminen (2011, Sibelius Academy Folk Music Recordings)

Demo (2010, self-published)

Kaupunkitarinoita EP (2008, self-published)

Set List

45-60 minutes of self-composed contemporary folk music: tunes from the album "Puutarhautuminen" and newer material.