Hojas Rojas

Hojas Rojas


An American rock band. Influenced early on by the Flaming Lips and White Stripes, now finding its own unique sound. Garage-rock with serious attention to song structure and melody. A four piece band that is separting itself from the pack.


Hojas Rojas is headed into the studio May 2009 to record their new EP.

The band was formed in 2004 by D.J. Kukielka (primary songwriter and guitar) and Tim Hovanetz (drums). Newer members T.J. Shaffer (guitarist) joined in 2006 and Donovan Johnson (bass) in January 2008. The band believes in challenging listeners with creative songwriting and has evolved from a layered-synth-and-loops sound to a more raw-guitars-bass-drums sound. There are a wide array of influences pretty near the surface from Zeppelin to Dylan to Drake to Flaming Lips. At times Hojas Rojas can sound post-punk, sixties psychedelic, then anthemic blues-rock. Five years in the band feels that they have something honest and exciting to add to the saturated indie scene and are going to continue to plow forward, heads down, doing what they want to do.

From Whiskey For the Holy Ghost (dot blogspot dot com) Spring 2008
"Hojas Rojas, a Minneapolis based indie rock band, have recently released their sophomore album entitled Helium, and are about to embark on a short national tour. Their off kilter indie rock is mixed with a strong sense of the history of the Minneapolis rock scene. The song I received (and posted at the bottom) is called "The Girl Song" and is a fast burning rocker that is both grand in scope and heartfelt in presentation.
With the Pavement-esqe rhythm change and the Bloc Party indie riff for the intro, what carries the song is the boatload of drunken, emotional wailing let out by the lead singer. His plaintive scream takes this song and helps carry its jittery melody and holds the listener in through the frantic music. If not only in style, then definetly in emotional spirit, they convey the spirit of many Minneapolis bands that have come before them, from the Replacements to the Plastic Constellations. The down and out, only you can save me mentality that makes good rock and roll music become great is present in this song. I can image this frantic music and wild singing would present great theatrics for a live show. Check them out if they are coming your way."

Hojas Rojas has performed with:
The Cops
Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter
Film School
Cloud Cult

Performed at NXNE 2007, MPMF 2007, Reveille/Eclectone SXSW Party 2008
East Coast Tour 2008


You Don't Know Me At All

Written By: Daniel Kukielka

Please forgive me when I speak when my heart is strong and my mind is weak
Youre the only one I love, I let you down, you fit me like a glove
And if you thought I’d ever let you fall,
You don’t know me at all

Please forgive me when I’m mad at you its just I want for you to love me too
I know sometimes it seems unfair, its just that I think we’re quite a pair
And if you thought I’d ever let you fall,
Then you don’t know me at all

Please forgive me in advance for mistakes I’ll make give me another chance
There’s no harm I would intend, I’m getting better, maybe it’s a trend
If you thought I’d ever let you fall
Then you don’t know me at all


Written By: Daniel Kukielka

when I'm so down girl
you're my helium
you've got magic eyes
I feel like stealing 'em
but that wouldn't be fair to the rest
I'm just lucky I know you

when I'm with you at night
you glow like a lightning bug
maybe someday I'll join you
up above
but that wouldn't be fair
to keep you all to myself
I'm just lucky I know you

and all those poor things
do you feel like healing 'um?
when I'm so down girl
you're my helium
and I've made so many mistakes
I won't be needing 'em
when I'm so down girl
you're my helium

when I'm so down girl
you're my helium


Helium (Eclectone Records 2008)
KILLMEILOVEYOU (Self-released 2006)
Let Yer Ego-go (Self-released 2004)
My Dog's Breakfast (Self-released demo 2001)

Set List

Our last set list:

The Girl Song
Let Yer Broken Heart Be
These Days

This is our typical 50 minute set, and we have performed longer sets.

We have performed songs by The White Stripes, Radiohead, TV on the Radio, and the Kinks