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Orlando, Florida, United States | SELF

Orlando, Florida, United States | SELF
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Holbrook @ Soldier city

Saint Cloud, Florida, USA

Saint Cloud, Florida, USA

Holbrook @ Back Booth

Orlando, Florida, USA

Orlando, Florida, USA

Holbrook @ the haven

Orlando, Florida, USA

Orlando, Florida, USA



Holbrook: John Holbrook – Vocals, Ian Dempsey – Guitar+Vocals, Alec Villafane – Bass+Vocals, Chris Gaardlandt – Guitar, and Tim Tackett – Drums.

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Genre: Rock/ Pop Rock

Label: Rocket Records

Holbrook has a plan and it’s pretty simple…work hard, play hard, continue chasing the dream and create some kick ass rock music…and they are doing just that! I had the chance to catch up with front man John Holbrook and learn more about the band.

Joey: For those that are new to your music how would you best describe your style and sound?

John Holbrook: We are just a good ol rock group man. We love loud guitars, big drums and good singing with harmonies. We definitely like to explore with different tempos and styles but get it straight forward.

Joey: You’ve signed with Rocket Records and our currently working on your 1st official album under them. How’s the album coming along and what can fans expect?

John Holbrook: Rocket Records are helping us with the album but we will still release it independently. I think fans can expect the album to just be another step forward into becoming a better song writer and a better band. We have explored with heavier riffs and bigger melodies but at the same time we still got a few ballads and even a southern twist to one song.

Joey: What three words best describes your live shows?

John Holbrook: Energy, Exciting, and Electric. Wow, I guess the three E’s…

Joey: What two bands would be part of your Dream Tour?

John Holbrook: Alice n Chains and the Deftones

Joey: Fellas thanks so much for hanging out…I can’t wait for the new album! Any final words or shout outs?

John Holbrook: Just check us out on facebook and iTunes. Spread the word!!
- Joey Voodoo

I love, love, love John Holbrook's delivery on "falling angel." Read the rest on page 66 - IAE Magazine

Click on the URL to read the article for the April/May issue. It's on page 66 - IAE Magazine


Holbrook EP has 7 songs with falling angel being the first single. Holbrook has been played on 101.1 WJRR, 104.1 sbk show and is available on Itunes. Also Holbrook was just written up in IAE magazine which the first sentence saying, "I love, love, love this EP."



Let’s see, how did “ Holbrook “ get started? Well, I got fired from my job and when I got home I said to myself, “Screw this I’m going to try playing rock music again!” So I got together with my best friends Alec and Ian and started writing lyrics about life and what we have been through. After a month I called my friends Brock and Evan from starlight studios and they helped me put it all together and what do you know? Holbrook was born...
After cutting the 7 song EP, I called my good friend Chris and asked if he would fill the other guitar spot, he obliged my request over a beer and then I was seeking a drummer. Chris told me about Brandt and said, "this guys wails." With in the first few seconds we played I knew we found our drummer! You are probably thinking, so what? What do these guys stand for? There is no dramatic story here, we like whiskey, girls, and rock n’ roll. We are just like you, chasing a dream to one day to be able to make a living doing what we love. If it so happens that we become big, famous, rich, awesome rock stars then so be it...haha

Keep the dream alive,

John Holbrook
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