Holden Young

Holden Young

 Boulder, Colorado, USA

Funky. No, scratch that. Really funky.... dance-rock!


Holden Young & HY3 of Boulder, Colorado are defining a new way to experience the sound of the power-trio.

"These guys play from their heart and remind me of a little trio I started back in the day that became Creedance Clearwater Revival."
- Doug "Cosmo" Clifford (original member of CCR), (in person) (Apr 30, 2009)

The Holden Young Trio project began its hard live-touring schedule in 2006 in Colorado. The group has performed with the Disco Biscuits, JJ Grey & Mofro, the Motet, Outformation, Chris Littlefield (Karl Denson's Tiny Universe), and such local/regional acts such as Yamn, Hot Soup, Whitewater Ramble, Juno What?!, Great American Taxi, and many more. Holden performed with the Motet to ring in the 2010 New Year's Eve with Hot Buttered Rum & the Everyone Orchestra in Denver. During 2010 HY3 recorded 4 new tracks for their album “The Bubble” (due out Spring 2011) and performed over 100 shows from Colorado to California and back.
"With high energy beats and hip swinging grooves, the Holden Young Trio is a fun show to be a witness to. You can count on two sets of high energy instrumental work at a HY3 show. "
- Jenna Stecker, Mousike Magazine (Feb 09, 2010)

But it all began many years before in 1998....
Holden Young went to Berklee College of Music after growing up in rural Maine. His knowledge of music was limited but his ambition was strong. Growing up as a fisherman and backwoods kid he never had much exposure to jazz, hip-hop, world music and anything else beyond classic rock and country. Berklee became a complete 4-year schooling in all aspects of music. Focusing on guitar chops and general music theory training Holden also became actively involved world music (especially Afro-beat, Reggae, and Eastern Indian music). His teachers included Wayne Krantz, Kenwood Dennard, Jaime Haddad (Paul Simon) and Larry Baoine.

From Boston, Holden travelled to Nashville to begin his professional career. Nashville was the perfect stomping ground to learn the ways of professional music and songwriting from its core. It was here he met sound engineer Ben Easley & percussionist Tomas Anderson who recorded his first album in their home studio just south of Nashville. Joining him was trumpeter Chris Littlefield (Karl Denson's Tiny Universe), Mikie Martel (the Coolin' System), and bassist Travis Vance (Oblio) of whom both Vance & Martel were Berklee compatriots. This album Not Much & Everything was a pallete of sounds that HY3 later defined. It included 2 acoustic songwriter numbers, 2 rock/pop/funk anthems, and a twenty-minute space exploration of technotronic soundscapes.
"A quick listen to a few songs by the Colorado-based Holden Young Trio might have you scratching your head. Is it funk, folk, rock or reggae? But if the urge to pin the group’s sound down gets to you, you might take a cue from one of its song titles: “Don’t Think Too Much.”"
- Emily Donahue, Independent Record (Sep 18, 2008)

From Nashville, Holden fell into a labor position in FEMA’s Hurricane Katrina relief effort. His roommate had received a job-offer from a firm working on the Blue Tarp Project and Holden jumped at the chance to join the team. They worked for 2-months in and around New Orleans repairing damaged houses. The team was the first in some of the areas they worked. Almost immediately they realized they were an ear for the survivors of the disaster. But their promise of pay never came through and Holden Young moved to Colorado where he was to create the Holden Young Trio.

Their unique blend of funk, rock and a hint of world music has them playing to audiences of all ages from the song-world to the jam scene. Referring to Fela Kuti, Thievery Corporation, and the Chili Peppers in the same sentence Holden tries to explain their sound with words, “Funky. No. Scratch that. Really funky.”

Rounding out the trio is an ever-changing cast of characters from Colorado and beyond. Keeping the band going is his main motivation and the result is a group that has travelled to Colorado, New York, Illionois, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Washington and California.

"Holden's a very positive person and (as the hype keeps growing) he gets people excited and involved in the music any way he can. We create an open atmosphere where the idea is to become part of the dance party." -Ryan Decker (former drummer of HY3)


I Come From The Dark

Written By: Holden Young

I am a lover of darkness my friend
I know the darkness will come in the end
I come from the space that holds no one
I come from the dark, return when I'm done

I am a lover of lightness my friend
my very insides float up - pain comes to end
continuing thoughts of not holding on
to the past places the moment is gone

we play in the night

we play in the rain

we play for ourselves

its one and the same

I am a winner of your beautiful smile
it makes me wonder why oh why
we can't be happy this is not only not true
but that is our battle our whole lives through

I have discovered again and again
that life is never going to end
this makes me happy this makes me free
you can be too, can't you see?

The World

Written By: Holden Young

somewhere there's a chair that's glad I am gone
not rocking it sick with my worry
somewhere there's a house that is happy to fall
after I have moved so many times

somewhere there's an old woman smiling
remembering her husband's back hand
somewhere there's a son who is crying
happy to see his father is gone

I've left my mark on the walls of the earth
and now they are all covered in dirt
happy to see the last memory of me
disappear from the world that's not fair

somewhere there's a girl who tries to forget
that night she forever regrets
somewhere there's a friend who must make amends
with the deer he just shot with his bow

I know that God is now watching
waiting for someone to care
he knows the few that are with him
would do anything in the world that's not fair

would do anything for the world that's not fair

I've left my mark on the walls of the earth
and now they are all covered in dirt
happy to see the last memory of me
disappear from the world that's not fair


(visit HoldenYoung.com or HoldenYoung.Bandcamp.com)

The Bubble - Self Released 2011

Rescue Me - Single 2010

Steps To The Top - Self-Released 2007

"Don't Think Too Much" & "Steps To The Top" currently on rotation at KDNK, KRFC, & KFMU in Colorado.

Not Much & Everything - Self-Released 2006

I Come From The Dark - played on KFMU, KGNU & KUVO

Set List

3-4 hours
90% original
10 % covers

Please e-mail us for a more specific list as we are always changing our sets every night.