Hold Everything

Hold Everything

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

With a pure energy that meets driving rhythms in a stuck-in-your-head forever style, Hold Everything is a 5-piece rock band from Chicago. Putting out music from the depths of their stomachs, they surpass the usual and promote a highly acclaimed live performance.


Currently in the studio recording a full length self-released in the Fall of 2012.

Music without soul is just noise. Hold Everything's passion for music puts them above the usual suspects. With lyrics about love, loss, adventure and rapture, Hold Everything uses whiskey and personality to make their way into the hearts of their fans. Coming at you with hard hitting songs and ear-bending guitar riffs, they have made their own in the past two years throughout Chicago.

Starting in 2008 with Beckie Sherman (guitar) and Alex Navarro (guitar), Hold Everything soon found itself with a poetic Mikey Parrish (vocals) and East-Coast punk named John Fee (drums). Using his connections as an electrician, Fee met Patrick Addyman (bass), and HE had its lineup. In the Fall of 2008, they released a 5-song E.P. called "Drink Up the Ocean", and promoted it with shows at Reggie's Rock Club, The Bottom Lounge, The Beat Kitchen, Clearwater Theater, and the like. Using their never-give-in attitude, the band soon found themselves sharing the stage with such national acts as The Action Design (former Tsunami Bomb), The Forecast, Dr. Manhattan, Patent Pending and more!

"Beckie Sherman displays a deft command of her guitar, with both hands on the neck, teasing out a melodic outro for the waning bars of show-opener “All Night Long.” Her counterpart Alex Navarro shows equal prowess, seeming at times to be in symbiosis with his instrument. The guitar solos are understated and appropriately simple for a band more about heavier rock rhythms than virtuosity. The rhythm section provides the pair ample canvas upon which to paint. Understated solos and pure energy that make for authentic showmanship. From the outset, it was clear that this band likes to engage its audience. Sherman encouraged those seated on the sidelines to rise and move up front. Vocalist Mikey Parrish explored the limited confines of the stage enough that it felt that if there had been more room he might have climbed atop an amp. As the show found its niche, Sherman often seemed to dance lovingly with her Telecaster reissue, a display that enhanced the show’s authenticity. Hold Everything’s live show is stronger than their MySpace tunes might suggest. Without criticizing the recorded tracks, the band shine more and the songs have a purer energy on stage.
—Rob Putnam (Music Connection Magazine)


Drink Up the Ocean EP (Fall 08)
A Civil War (full length Fall 12)