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Pioneering the way for "College Crunk Rap.


A two man operation including emcee S.A.G. and emcee/producer Rusty Mack Aychcee (pronounced H.C.) is blazing the way for what they call “College Crunk Rap.” S.A.G. explains “we write music about having a good time and experiences that our friends or we have had. The radio is dominated by hip hop talking about wealth or a lifestyle that our friends can’t relate to.” Instead Aychcee have synth dominated catchy ditties like Candy Flippin’ about the popular recreation at parties of dropping Ecstasy and LSD at the same time or Shenanighans about the mischief and practical jokes that is rampant in their circle of friends.

Shenanighans is instantly relatable to probably every group of guys that hang together as S.A.G admits “Yeah, we talk about stuff we have pulled on our friends that make us jerks, but is funny, such as drawing all over the first person who passes out at a party with a permanent marker or playing waffle ball all night in the street and pissing off the neighbors.” An example of the musical shenanighans the group is up to is the song Goofy Pop which is their attempt to create a dance sensation around a left handed handshake. “Yeah it seems like all these crunk albums talk about a dance step or how to do a dance and we decided what’s better than a dance around the goofy pop?”

Students at SUNY Purchase, S.A.G and Mack met in 2006 through mutual friends and clicked with a mutual love of hip hop. On a whim they wrote and recorded Candy Flippin’ which S.A.G. claims came together effortlessly within an hour. “We weren’t thinking past that first song, we just were happy with what we did in our spare time and played it for our friends at the campus station. One of those friends Ted Rubin, President of Supertoad Records was so impressed that he said if they wanted to record a full-length he would put it out on his label. With a label backing them the duo were in the studio every other day working on material finishing the full-length Hot Cakes. Produced entirely by the duo and recorded in the campus recording studio (Mack just received a degree in music production) this is as DIY as it gets but with a professional sound.

Labeled as sort of a concept piece S.A.G. clarifies “we recorded this whole album in a party induced haze with kind of a theme to the songs that string them together with crunk style beats but I wouldn’t say that this is representative of everything we do, it’s more like an encapsulation of one side of our personalities and style.” An example of the group’s more cerebral/esoteric side is the track Cumulonimbus an instrumental track that is entirely constructed by the spoken word of the title. “I had a weather class and I was studying Cumulonimbus Clouds and couldn’t go in the studio. Mack liked the word and went in and created this track using the word as a starting point and chopping and processing the word into snares, kicks and synth parts composed from his voice.” Aychcee are currently gearing up for upcoming live shows and working on new tracks for a future release.


Champagne Brunch

Written By: SAG and Rusty Mac

if i...sip bottles in the mourning....
then the pancakes will go down smoothe
cuz the coffee just doesnt cut it
and the half n halfs just dont groove
see we drink champagne in the mourning
sausage links are hitten the spots
oj please we know hes guilty
apple juice we dont like mott
i like getten drink in the mourning
duren brunch isnt that soo cool
that champagne tastes so damn good cuz its champgane brunch in the hood

verse 1:
i wake up in the mourning with the feelin of blurr i forgot about the blackout drinkin bottles of the bub i know pretty well - in time it will tell why i woke up head feeling like it was hitten wit a nail look to my right a bottle of champagne lets pop the cork lets do the do the do the damn thing walk to the kitchen and pour some oj a mamosa to brighten my day i start to make some brunch then a knock on the door its rusty with a bleezy and some knowledge for the floor

verse 2:
yo whattup esteban i aint feelin so tight cuz im feelin on the after effectsw of last night firs ti ate the tacos, then i ate some wings, then i started to drink all types of things everybody in the party sippin on the juice but this mourning my bodies payen the price for letten loose now i feel this way cuz i drank till i dropped wit the champagne brunch the drinkin jus dont stop

(x 4)
head still hurts from the night before
wanna feel better gotta drink some more

wanna feel wanna feel wanna feel
sunday mourning i need champagne brunch

verse 3:
i wanna get some food into my belly
start wit some toast gimme butter and jelly hit me off quick but dont burn them buns...then prepare the platter for the champagne brunch dont want no eggs cant explain them white foods but i know them hot cakes lookin fresh for my mood pour some syrup on that stack for the extra flavor fruit preserves with that, a taste you can savour hash browns on the side, you know the deal salt n pepper mixed wit ketchup now you got urself a meal but dont forget the most important part of the brunch champagne bottles round the table aint no need for a lunch\

verse 4:
i make a special concoction for hang over remedies gimme sumthin greasy gimme sumthin liquidy i prefer something alcoholic so a coffee wont do but ill make an irish coffee for you cuz the mourning after getten blasted getten boos is what im after mamosa, balini, cocktails delight will help me adjust in the mournin to the night i gotta maintain the alcohol level so the pop the bottle put the peddle to the metal pop the bottle put the pedal to the metal i gotta maintain the alcohol level so pop that bottle put the pedel to the metal

saturnight someone spiked the punch
sunday mourning i need champagne brunch

outro same as intro to fade

Skinny Fat

Written By: SAG and Rusty Mac

I’ skinny
I’m fat
and we own every place that we at
I’ skinny I’ fat
People love us that’s a fact

verse 1:
weight stuck, with no place to go, i tried everything (you lying) and even the blow (you know) nothing does the job so i say fuck it and live (big) roll a fatty blunt and bring it over to triz (who dat?) class in an hour triz is feeling to high - pulls out a bag of chips and i say whyyyy not? (cuz you fat) I aint got nothing to do. thee end fat ass white Jew


verse 2
I was a fat little baby back in 85 now im skinny as hell (ya twirp), kate moss thighs (shes skinny) - momma always told me that i'd never gain a pound, i'd just stress out like the london sound. i got a belt for all my pants at the crib - when i lift up my shirt you can see MY RIBS, play drums break sweat to the beat of the riddim maken music is so good for my metabolism


i like them skinny hoes with the fatty ass i like the candy ass that you can rest a glass i know you like it slow but ima do it fast you stick wit us i guarantee you'll have a blast

verse 3
gotta lot of lbs packed in my stomach - it keeps good for cold times when the weather does plum it. Always been a hefty kid with a pillow for the ladies, they down for the blunt but not down for making babies.
okayzee forshazee my ass is really lazy. you roll a skinny blunt the tater spuds will be a blazing. buds hot like Cajun, my eyes like a skinny asian. im fat and hes skinny isn’t that amazing?


I wanna get buff like Schwarzenegger, take a supplement and make my muscles bigger. wanna have stealth like a Trojan soldier, loose the cops hop a fence now im getting bolder. wanna slip between a bullet and a boulder, slick enuff to only get hit in the shoulder. When its my turn to take a piece of the pie i take a little place and I start to slip away




Hot Cakes

Set List

Hot Cakes
Skinny, Fat
April Fools
Goofy Pop
Candy Flippin
Champagne Brunch