London, Ontario, CAN

Rock with a a hard stomping sound rough yet catchy at the same time, carrying with it an uniquely Canadian twist. This is hardcore energy.


Having released three EP's, Holding.Sky has established themselves as a fresh, new force, revealing a multi-faceted group which thrives on creative exploration and passion. Tim Laidman (vocals), Kohji Nagata (guitar/vocals), Michael Hill (lead guitar/vocals), Ben Tillmann (bass) and Bourke Tillmann (drums) have not only won the loyalty of fans with their raw music, they have also found acceptance amongst local critics with their ability to communicate with their young fan base while creating their own unique sound.

Upon finishing their third EP in the summer of 2008 with producer Dan Achen (City and Colour/Feist), Holding.Sky has now embarked on a journey to capture their musical growth. Enlisting the aid of producers Greg Dawson (BWC Studios) and Kenny Bridges (Moneen), they are now releasing 2 song EP's each season. Their first EP holds true to their style of heavy rock infused with fluid melodic vocals and pulsating rhythmic guitar, but their increased focus on musical hooks and upbeat tempos shows shades of what is to come.

“We want to be continually delivering our newest and best material to our fans” says drummer Bourke Tillmann. This idea lead to the abandonment of the traditional Cd format and has given them the freedom to craft songs that reflect their current state as a band. This format also focuses them to ensure each song is their best, as there is no longer a full Cd to hide a weak song. Their music reflects their innovate thinking and maturity as they break stereotypical molds and create those coveted musical moments.

Holding.Sky’s music is as eclectic as their band members: With two members holding medical degrees, and the other three all having post-graduate degrees, Holding.Sky use their diverse and unconventional backgrounds to their advantage, creating a sound that is anything but ordinary. Taking cues from punk, classic rock, blues, and metal, Holding.Sky’s sound is a unique amalgamation of catchy hooks, technical perfection and insightful lyrics.

Through their years together, Holding.Sky have put many accolades under their belts. They have shared the stage with many established artists including Moneen, The Reason, The Junction, The Ataris, the Deftones, Atreyu, Silverstein, Dredg, As I Lay Dying and Thrice. Holding.Sky has been nominated for the best emo/screamo album of 2008 in the Hamilton Music Awards, best rock song in the 2009 Barrie New Music awards and was interviewed as a spotlight artist in the 2009 Independent Music Awards.

With their creativity, drive, passion and pure love of music, Holding.Sky has proven that they are a force to be reckoned with.


For the Sake of Sound

Written By: Tim Laidman and Holding.Sky

GODDAMN!!?? This is harder than I thought
Spitting words to try to sound like I'm intelligent
I AM! But what's harder than I thought
is to make it believable.

Hear me
Believe me
Because these words are part of me

Fighting out this awkward bout
(Are you listening)
F***ing for the sake of sound
What would you do if we found out
(Are you listening)
Would if mean it's over now
(Are you listening to me)

HEY! HEY! Do you hear a single word I say
it's draining every bit of energy right out of me.
It's not like I am a liar that sat down beside her
this is for real

Hear me
Believe me
Because these words are part of me

Fighting out this awkward bout
(Are you listening)
F***ing for the sake of sound
What would you do if we found out
(Are you listening)
Would if mean it's over now
(Are you listening to me?)

These are silhouettes of a match made to burn
Light the explosives and watch the memories turn
To disposed illusions and pray to God this time you've learned
This time you've learned

fighting out
(are you listening)
this pointless bout
(are you listening)
f***ing for the sake of sound
what would you do
(are you listening)
if we found out
(are you listening)
Would it mean its over now


Love vs. Logic (2005)
-Charted in the top ten on McMaster University radio during July 2006

Love Is Dead: The Birth Of Promiscuity (2007)

From The Throne To The Lions (2008)
-Nominated for best emo/screamo album Hamilton Music Awards 2008
-For the Sake of Sound nominated for best rock song Barrie New Music Awards 2009
-Are You Not Entertained music video released 2009

Winter 2010 EP (to be released, material currently only available on sonicbids EPK)

Set List

Set list usually consists of 8-11 songs selected from our two most recent EP's as well as new material to be recorded in 2010.
Current set-list
-First Song
-Are You Not Entertained
-Broken Bones and Faulty Features
-Middle of An Explosion
-I Used to Know a Gentle Man
-If This Is Poison, Then I'm Going Down
-On Tidal Waves
-For the Sake of Sound
-Don't Forget to Remember Me

On average we do 30-45 minute sets, but can do up to 1.5hr sets.

We do not typically do covers but can play:
You Know How I Do - Taking Back Sunday
Staring at the Sun - Thrice
Buried Myself Alive - The Used
God Called in Sick Today - AFI