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Holdin' Up Grants is an energetic two-piece rock band from Inverness County, Cape Breton. Mike Ryan and Bruce Gillis played together professionally with various bands in Nova Scotia for the previous 4 years, and now reside in Halifax. The band started in April 2007, when their current bands ended and the two wanted to contine pursuing music as a full time job. They play music daily in live together in a self-proclaimed “cluttered, garbage filled, mouse infested, drafty house, in a quiet neighborhood, that's a huge step up from our last place”. The duo recorded a six song EP “This Way” in June of 2007. The self-produced CD was all done in Mike's bedroom and the tracks take into consideration small town values, friendship, coming of age, hope, various intriguing people encountered, and the ever present trials and tribulations of life. The CD is receiving regular radio play across Cape Breton and Halifax, and a tour is being planned for the fall of 2007 to support the material.


This Way

Written By: Holdin' Up Grants

Stand here and call, call upon a new way to believe.
Through all this you find, you find you don’t know why, you cannot seem to leave.
No mirrors or walls are near enough to show, or hold you where you stand.
And still it seems right, you know no other way, a way so from planned.


While Beautiful rhymes, you hear in your mind are keeping you here, awake and alive,
And the beautiful rhymes are all that you find that keep you here, keep you alive

It’s got to be this way

The night’s where you form, you form what you believe is something that is true.
The Spirits will tell tales that the time tends to hold for you.

Gold Spaces

Written By: Holdin' Up Grants

I can’t stay here, any longer. This can’t go on any more.
I can’t watch you, any longer. You can’t stay here, any more.


And gold spaces fill, my memories harsh lines. And gold spaces fill, my enemies harsh minds.

We can’t stay here, any longer. This can’t go on any more.

Rare Leader

Written By: Holdin' Up Grants

Repeat what he knows, cause he knows well. I can agree now cause I can tell. What he’s been through, what he has done. Show me the way now, which way to run.


Still with a fire he leads the (our) way

Prosthetic bones, and pieces of steel. I can agree now cause I can feel. What he’s been through, what he has done. Show me the way now, which way to run.

On Paper

Written By: Holdin' Up Grants

Cold, old reasons, and the new change of seasons, there’s a few that I’d rather leave alone to the safety of my thought. Mind you, know you can’t read it. Read it, I’ll give you clues; One, nothing is the way that I thought it would be. Two, different people tell me to change.
I’m living with a white noise taking all the wrong choices away.
On paper I’d remember your birthday, on paper I would (should)


Here’s why everyone has a reason to grow

Scan through pages of a list of to-do’s far from done, turn pages where you wished you had just turned to run, cause I’m running with a white noises making all the wrong sounds seem to disappear

For Now

Written By: Holdin' Up Grants

Around us nothing makes a sound. The fire we left burns to the ground.
I am, I’m looking for a way. For us to find the time to say, just what we want, without anyone to hear.
So I tell you to say that you will remember, what I told you today. I hope you will.



Around us, nothing makes a sound. I see there’s something we have found, I fill you in. And I know this may not come again. I live, I laugh and I pretend. And as for now, we will believe in what we say.

Remind You

Written By: Holdin' Up Grants

Safe from the outside rules, I breathe on my own. Safe from the outside world, I breathe on my own. I can see the killer, racing through my night, I can feel the demon racing through my sight.

I still believe that age will find. Another way for us to rhyme.

I will remind you, and I will even show. All that you’re leaving, I still believe you know.

I am so aware yet nothing seems real. I have no direction aside from what I feel.
I have don all I said I would, I have done all I said I could


This Way-2007 EP

Set List

A bunch of Original stuff and goat sacrificing