Hold Your Fire!

Hold Your Fire!


A melodic punk rock band who put 200% energy into every show. Fast riffs, guitar harmonies, strong vocals, catchy lyrics, and guitars being swung around heads.


Hold Your Fire! are a 5-piece melodic punk rock band from Jersey, Channel Islands.

Formed originally as a 4-piece by James, Chris, Reed and Pallot in June 2008, they began writing original music influenced by bands such as Rise Against, Strung Out and A Wilhelm Scream. In 2009 Dan joined on guitar as the fifth and final member which allowed Pallot to concentrate on vocals.

When they are not jumping around and swinging guitars around their heads, they are harmonising guitars, slapping the bass, powering through the drums and melodising the vocals.


Ink Ribbon EP - released Dec 09

Set List

We can easily fill a set up to an hour, but usually go for about 40 minutes.

Songs all original. Tracks include:

Forget Those Days
Watching Your Life Away
Ink Ribbon
Nervous Wreck