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"Middle school rock band impresses critics"

Middle school rock band impresses critics

By Nick O'Connor

What they lack in physical size, they make up for with energy, passion and dedication to their music. Holes and Hearts: a band with a striking name and a striking story behind it.
At the age of two months, doctors discovered a large hole in Riley’s heart. He received open-heart surgery when he was old enough, at ten months. Unfortunately, surgeons were unable to completely close the hole and Riley continues to see cardiologists on a regular basis.

This experience gave the brothers a maturity beyond their years as well as a great appreciation of the kindness and integrity of strangers.

This duo takes inspiration from many popular bands such as: Ozzy Osbourne, Rage Against the Machine, Nine Inch Nails and Linkin Park. They combine these influences in a fresh, in-your-face kind of way.

At first glance it would be tough to take them seriously: a hard rock band of middle schoolers? It turns out, these guys put their hearts and souls into this band and it shows.

This energetic preteen duo has captured attention and respect and if you would like to sample their talents, look them up on Myspace or go see a live show.

Music fans looking for nicely distorted guitar riffs, powerful lyrics or just an energetic show should check out Holes and Hearts. - The Red & Black Newspaper

"You guys just might be the best new band I've heard for the whole year of 2008"

This is my exclusive interview w/Guitarist Casey Charles from a great band out of Tampa, Florida called Holes and Hearts.....Holes & Hearts also features Casey's brother Riley James on Lead Vocals...Casey was happy to discuss the band's past, present, and future in this exclusive Rock Zone Productions interview and discussed with us what it's like to be in a band with his brother Riley.

1. Rock Zone: - How old were you when you first started playing the guitar?

CC: - I was 11 years old....My Dad had a guitar my Uncle gave him that he never played and I always begged him to let me play it. He finally gave it to me on my 11th birthday and I haven't put it down since.

2. Rock Zone: - How many years did it take for you to feel confident in your ability to play the guitar?

CC: - Since I am playing aa our original music, I am very confident. I have recorded these songs and played them so many times before we put them in our live show, that it's almost second nature.

3. Rock Zone: - Did you take lessons or would you consider yourself to be a self-taught guitar player?

CC: - For about 6 months I did nothing but watch You Tube videos, try to copy my favorite bands and look up tabs online and learn from those. Then for Christmas I got a gift card for lessons and I have been taking them ever since, so I guess I am a mixture of self-taught and taught.

4. Rock Zone: - How important do you think it is for any given musician to regurly practice their insturment?

CC: - Practice is everything, I don't even think of it as practice anymore. It's just something I do. I love to play and push beyond my comfort level. As soon as I'm done with school work it's straight into our garage A.K.A. Chili Dog Studio, where I play until dinner and after that little break, we get back to it and usually go through our whole set.

5. Rock Zone: - Who were the bands/musicians who had the greatest influence on you?

CC: - Wow, there's so many........From Blue October, My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace to Hendrix, Zeppelin, AC/DC, Ozzy to Skid Row, Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, the list goes on and on.

6. Rock Zone: - I was reading on your band's MYSPACE site the interesting story surrounding the band's name....Can you tell our readers a little bit about that?

CC: - My Brother Riley, who is the lead vocalist in our band was born with a large hole in his heart. He had 2 open heart surgeries by the time he was 1 year old, and although those doctors saved his life, they were not able to close the holecompletely. That's where we got the name Holes and Hearts. It's a big part of who we are and what our music is about...Check out our song "Lifesaver".

7. Rock Zone: - Would you consider yourself to be a professional musician?

CC: - I'm not really sure what it takes to be considered a professional musician but it's definitely my dream and my goal to play music for a long, long time to come.

8. Rock Zone: - What would you say is the most difficult thing about being in a band w/your brother?

CC: - Avoiding injuries.....You'll know what I mean when you see him live, he's intense and all over the place, he never stops!!!!

9. Rock Zone: - Besides you and your brother Riley are there other permanent members in Holes & Hearts?

CC: - No, but you never know what the future holds. As for now, we are writing, recording, and performing all our own songs, and have some pretty cool things in the works for our live shows.

10. Rock Zone: - Do you feel sometimes that other people you have to deal w/such as Club owners and other people in the music industry might not take you serious as a musician because you are underage?

CC: - At every show that we have played so far, everyone involved has been amazing and the Club Owners have always asked us to come back. Age has never been an issue.

11. Rock Zone: - Has Holes & Hearts performed live yet?

CC: - Yes, our first gig was a benefit for Huricane Katrina victims in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina....Such a cool place for a 1st gig. When we looked out our hotel room window we could see Kittyhawk, that's where 2 other brothers took their first flight and made history (The Wight Brothers). We have been doing 2-3 gigs a month ever since, from charity events to the biggest clubs around.

12. Rock Zone: - What has been the reaction to Holes & Hearts so far?

CC: - It's all good.......We have had a ton of positive response. Here is a recent quote that I really love, from the Expressionist in a review of one of our latest shows "What I saw was jaw dropping, smiles, that were from ear to ear and a crowd that was in awe over the talent and intensity of their show".

13. Rock Zone: - For people who have never heard your music how would you describe it?

CC: - It's intense, in you face, heavy, heart pumpin' Rock and Roll.

14. Rock Zone: - What can fans expect from Holes & Hearts in the year 2008 and beyond?

CC: - We are currently writing and recording with Grammy Nominated Platinum Engineer/Producer Frank "Blame" Macek and planning on having our debut album out at the begining of 2009. We want to ROCK in front of as many people as we can, as often as possible and make them feel like they need to tell everybody they know about the Holes and Hearts show they just saw. Make sure to check out our MySpace page at www.myspace.com/holesandhearts for news, shows, and songs, including our newest song "Let Me" which will open up on October 17th. We're really excited about what the future holds and can't wait to share our music with the world. Thank you Jason and Rock Zone for giving us this opportunity to talk about me and my band Holes and Hearts.

End Of Interview: - ROCK ZONE

"I can sum up their entire performance with just 4 words: brilliant, exciting, amazing, and intense"

Wednesday night at the Bourbon Street Nightclub in New Port Richey, 6 bands were to play at their “Rocker Your Way To School show.” One of the bands on the line-up for the night was our August feature artist, Holes And Hearts. We were there to watch the kids perform and cheer them on.

This was more than just a performance for the band, they were also auditioning to be a regular band at the club, so the performance was extra important. Their dad said before the show to his boys “It’s a Wednesday night show, it will probably be rough, not many people… but you go out there and perform your best like there was 20,000 people watching you and do your best.” They took that advice and did exactly that, and put on a performance that I am still blown away over.

I can sum up their entire performance with just 4 words: brilliant, exciting, amazing, and intense. If Bourbon Street Nightclub does not bring them in as a regular performing band, then they don’t know talent if it was at the end of their nose.

They start out the show with a mix of some 70s rock songs, and on the stage was a box with Holes and Hearts written on the front. Then, blaring out of the speakers comes the song, “Take Another Piece Of My Heart.” by the legendary Janis Joplin. Within a few seconds, the lights drop, the stage lights turn on and young Casey comes on the stage jamming on his guitar. Alone on the stage for about a minuet, his brother Riley busts through the box and starts singing their first song. That caught everyones interest and from that moment they had the crowd.

I stood at the front railing next to the stage and saw the other bands start to come closer to watch these two marvels, following them was the intrigued audience. I tend to observe my surroundings to get a feeling of what’s going on around me, and what I saw was jaws dropping, smiles that went from ear to ear and a crowd that was in awe over the talent and intensity of their show.

I can’t stress intensity enough, I could write it a million times and it won’t convey to you the effect I am trying to imply. Casey and Riley are so intense they make you feel every emotion. They dance, they jam, they jump, their faces will capture the moment and make you live the emotion of the story they are telling. What’s even more amazing about these two boys is their age. At 12 and 13, they perform on stage as if they were seasoned rock veterans, they write songs like they are adults, and they believe in themselves and their songs so much their confidence wins the audience over.

They ended to a standing ovation, and some one in the crowd screamed, “The Jonas Brothers have nothing on you guys, YOU ROCK.” I even over heard the crowd talking as they were breaking the stage down, and one comment I thought was interesting was this, “Those boys are decades beyond their age, their stage presence gave me chills - simply amazing.” I concur, a very entertaining and intense show, a true talent if I ever saw one. I can’t wait for when they get older to see what their music and performance will evolve into. I know it can only get better.

Holes and Hearts are on the verge of becoming a house hold name, give them just a few months or maybe a year or two.

To me, they outshined the other bands that night and gave a stellar performance. If you have the chance to see them live, do so, it will be a performance you never forget. ROCK ON LITTLE DUDES! I think Janis Joplin would be proud to know her song is what you take the stage to.

- The Expressionist Magazine

"The vocalist delivers so much emotion that it made the hair on my neck stand on end"

Holes And Hearts is a powerful rock band mature beyond their years. I say this because the group is comprised of two brothers who are 11 and 12 years old, although you’d never know it listening to their songs. When I first saw this band at the American Cancer Society’s “Relay For Life,” I knew they would make a great story for this magazine, because it’s hard enough to be a child this day in age, but a child and a musician makes it twice as hard. In their interview, on the podcast you will soon realize they are far beyond their years and destined for success if they keep the attitude they hold dear now.

At the interview with Holes And Hearts, I received a sneak peek of their brand new song “11:57,” which is about a divorce through the eyes of a child. I knew from the moment the song started it was going to be awesome. The words to this song are so powerful, it makes you feel as if you are the child, going through this experience. The vocalist delivers so much emotion that it made the hair on my neck stand on end. Holes And Hearts wrote the lyrics and composed the melody all by themselves, something every musician would be expected to do, except the band members are 11 and 12 years old! Boys that age should be worried about zits, girls and having fun, these brothers are doing that and writing really great songs.

Holes and Hearts passion in life is to share their music with the masses. Their mission is to “change the world” with their music, and they’re certainly on the path to getting there. They go to school like any kid would, do homework, rest for a few minutes, then spend the rest of the night practicing and writing new songs in their studio that their dad converted from a garage.

They wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the support, love and promotion of their immediate family, their uncle who produces them, and their fans who keep the flame alive allowing them to continue doing what they love best, singing for people. They don’t care if it’s a paid gig or a charitable event, they just love to play. They did mention they enjoy doing charitable work best. “Sure we don’t get paid, but our work goes for a bigger cause.” said the boys, showing maturity beyond their age.

I hope over the next few years we can watch this talented young band grow and flourish. If they don’t fall into the harmful trends that plague the music industry, they will be fine; although after speaking with them this should not be a problem. Until then, we will all anxiously await the day they release their first record - it should be stellar. - The Expressionist Magazine

"Your amazing musicians and genius songwriters"

"Your amazing musicians and genius songwriters.
It is awesome to have you as part of the N-TUNE Family!!!"

Philip C. Sudore - N-TUNE Vice President Sales & Marketing - Philip C. Sudore - N-TUNE Vice President Sales & Marketing



"One of the Hottest Acts"

"I'm Not Afraid", knocked me out. I think you can be one of the hottest acts in the music business.... - Mike Jones Productions

"These kids really ROCK!!!"

"I'm really excited about the newest project that I'm working on, HOLES AND HEARTS!
I can't remember ever seeing so much potential from anybody that I've come in contact with. These kids really ROCK!!!
I know they'll rock your mind and grab your HEART!!!"

Frank "Blame" Macek
Grammy Nominated Platinum Producer - Blame Productions






Holes and Hearts was co-founded by two young brothers, Riley who is now 11 and Casey who is 13.

We are often asked about the name and how it came about… so here is the story from the beginning.

Riley was born with a large hole in his heart which was discovered at the age of 2 months and was taken for a life saving heart surgery immediately upon his diagnosis to temporarily repair the problem until he was old enough to have major surgery . At 10 months old the Doctors decided it was time to try and fix the hole which would require Open Heart Surgery. The Surgeons were not able to completely close the hole due to the size and location. Riley continues to see Cardiologists on a regular basis…

From these life experiences at an early age, Riley along with his older brother Casey, have seen the compassion and possibilities of people who want to help others when they are in need. They have been inspired and driven by family, friends and complete strangers who in Riley’s words, “saved my life”, and they know 1st hand, the reality of how fragile life really is.

"The first song we ever wrote, "I Am Not Afraid", was selected to be on the Summer 2008 Troop Compilation CD that has been shipped over to the Troops in Iraq. We are Honored to be included on this CD and Support the Troops" says Casey.

GarageBand.com Awarded Holes and Hearts Best Lyrics in Alternative Rock for the week of March 3, 2008, Best Melody in Alternative Rock for the week of March 3, 2008 and Best Lyrics in Alternative Rock for the week of March 31, 2008 for their song "Are We Done Yet". We were was also chosen as Spyder Entertainments "BAND OF THE MONTH" for October, 2008.

Holes and Hearts is Proud to be Endorsed by N-Tune Guitar Tuners, Miniarik Guitars and Guayaki Yerbe Mate Beverages.

We are the Official Spokesband for the L.A. based charity ROCK AGAINST HOMELESSNESS. We also played at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the Brian Johnson Music Therapy Room at Sarasota Memorial Hospital along with Brian Johnson of AC/DC, Steve Loggol of The John Entwistle Foundation and more.

Charity shows and Benefits are a big part of who we are as a band and we have played at many shows including A Hurricane Katrina Victim Fundraising Event, THE Sarasota World Aids Day 2008 Walk a Thon, Pizza Hut’s World Hunger Concert, American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, Jammin' the Harbor Fundraiser for The Humane Society of Pinellas, United Way’s Campfirepalooza and more.

Holes and Hearts is currently finishing up in the studio with GRAMMY NOMINATED Platinum Engineer/Producer Frank "BLAME" Macek on their New Self Titled DEBUT Full Length Disc due out in May of 2009 followed by a Summer Tour across the U.S. including Dallas TX, Mobile AL, Jacksonville FL, Las Vegas NV, Hollywood CA, Cleveland OH and more.

CHECK Out Holes and Hearts Myspace Page for more information on NEW Songs, Shows, Pictures and Videos...