The Goodies!

The Goodies!


Electric and exciting! The Goodies are a cross between a Tim Burton film, a Tom Waits performance, a vintage Van Halen concert and Joel Gray in the movie "Caberet".


The Goodies have been playing together since Mike Allen met Holiday Childress in Jr. High at the ages of 11 and 12.
They learned how to play guitar and drums together and have always had a strong chemistry together.
Patrick came into the band later when the group decided to call themselves The Goodies. Before, they had gone through different names and sounds.
The Goodies were born with the idea that there were no rules and imagination and creativity would be the main idea. Following the inception of The Goodies came a string of classic Goodies songs. Songs that were verey theatrical and different from anything these musicians had done before. The Goodies have put out 3 recordings. Their latest being a double live cd/dvd so that they could have something to show themselves in a live setting. Many consider this to be where they shine the brightest. Extrordinary stagemanship combined with imaginitive and well written songs have won this band the hearts of many loyal fans.


The Goodies Greatest Hits 1997
The Postcard EP 2001
The Goodies Live CD/DVD 2004

Set List

Typical set runs approx. 1hr and 30min to 2hrs.
Mostly originals with a few covers.
Covers are :
Pusherman (Curtis Mayfield)
The Devil went down to Georgia (Charlie Daniels)
The Radiator song (David Lynch)
Fire (Bruce Springsteen)
Speaking in tounges (The Eagles of Death Metal)
You really got me (The Kinks)
Madame Devillia
Long way down
Super Slave
Mr Francisco
Cranberry Lips
Spaghetti and meatballs
The ice cream shoppe
Free coffee
Car Driving Killer
The Castrato
Big Dragon
Disco Ball "inside you"
Why do you lie?
Happy and Fuzzy
Foie Gras