Holiday In Spain

Holiday In Spain


Holiday In Spain is a three piece that play music the only way it can be done with these three fellas working together. That would be,music from the heart but original because it would be fake other wise. Rockin baby rockin. 5 years as a band and still believe.


Holiday in Spain have been a band for over 5 years and love creating music together. Based out of Sacramento, they have played live gigs there and up and down California. They are influenced by a wide specrum of genres but the style that they play are in the realms of bands like Girls against Boys or bands like the French Kicks but it doesn't begin or end there. Mostly, Holiday in Spain looks to be original in the aspect of really just trusting their creativity to speak for itself which would naturally be admired by the masses.


Holiday in Spain has 3 demos made over the years but are in the works of making a full EP which would should be finished before next year. Hopefully way sooner.

Set List

Back when we where a four piece, we usually played 45 minute sets during live shows. Which ended up being around 8 songs-give or take. In Holiday in Spains repertoire, we could max out at about a 2 hour set if we played every thing we wrote. No covers. All original.