Holiday Mountain

Holiday Mountain

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

WE are reggae folk hop, lead by the beautiful laura patino, bass- oryan, drums zander. our music is happy yet heavy. We just want to spread a positive message about the world and make people dance at the same time. We groovy hard and get weird, by using effects... but we are organic! SpreadLove


I guarantee this is a band you have never heard before. We groove really hard like a reggae or hip hop band, but the folk influences of our genius song writer come through the music in a very interesting way. Laura is a Berklee Song writing and piano major who started her music career playing music like Regina Spector. But she has transformed her style in a big way. Our music is meant to make people dance, and make people happy. But also we believe that people should be more down to the earth, and we spread our hippy ways through our music. The story begins when the drummer Zander played a show with his old psychedelic rock band at a local music house venue. The Show was the Stereo Flys, Koala, and Solo Holiday Mountain. Zander wound up falling in love with Laura at first sight. In the months to come playing music comes naturally to them. ANd now the bass player from koala plays with us!!!!!! Our influences include Mad lib, Jacob miller, Lee Scratch perry, and Regina Spector


We are releasing our first ep in the fall. WE are a new band! WE are trying to get our music heard because we know people love it and will continue to love it.

Set List

9 original songs