Holiday Mountain

Holiday Mountain

 Austin, Texas, USA

Psych dub pop trio from Austin, TX. Holiday Mountain are a high-energy electronic dance group that challenge their audiences to match them for intensity and self-expression.


Based out of hot and happening Austin, TX, Holiday Mountain is a dynamic pysch-dub pop trio that incorporates world music, dance music, and pop songwriting to create a virally catchy sound. Songwriter, vocalist, and keyboardist Laura Patiño formed the group with drummer Zander Kagle and fellow alumnus bassist/synth player Bradley Will while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston. The band is named after Billie Holiday and the Rocky Mountains, two sources of infinite inspiration for Patiño.

Holiday Mountain shines brightest in performance: Their vibrant self-expression — a celebration of individuality, glitter, sweat, movement, and community — creates an atmosphere that keeps fans feeling connected and coming back for more. Holiday Mountain has been compared to Major Lazer, M.I.A., and Deerhoof.

The band independently released their debut LP, “Become Who You Are,” in 2012 at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. The album has received rave reviews by Performer Magazine and music blogs such as FoundWaves and Pacific Coast Blog. They have officially showcased at SXSW 2013 and represented as “up and coming talent” by Berklee College of Music. “Unconventional in all the right ways,” Holiday
Mountain is a rising movement to keep your eyes and ears on.


Honey Bee

Written By: Laura Patino

I climb to the top of the gates of the garden of Eden.
No one comes to greet me, don't you think that's pretty rude?
Looking out at the land before the dawn of consciousness, I turn into an animal too.

If you've got it, then you lose it. It can be tough to be a human.x2
In my next life I want to be your honey bee. x4

I don't see what the fuss is about, it seems pretty nice to me.
Eating and sleeping and peeing when it's time to pee.
There's no answer if there's no question, there's no right if there's no wrong. There's no black and there's no white if consciousness had never dawned.
If you've got it, then you lose it.It can be tough to be a human. x2

In my next life I want to be your honey bee. x4

I'd watch the sun rise in the east, I'd watch the sun settle down in the west.
Fly to the flower, fly to the nest, call it a day, lay down and rest.


April 2014 - Forthcoming LP
2012 - Become Who You Are
2011 - Happy People EP

Set List

Real You
Motion Sickness
Black Magic Sugar
The Goal
Pro Choice
Slow Motion Thugs
Quick Change
Patience Now
Outer Space