Holiday Sail

Holiday Sail


An amalgamation of punk, "coffee house" rock, hardcore and pop-rock. Like a Refused-influenced, female-fronted Sublime.


Born a chilly New Mexico night in Albuquerque during the Winter of 2004, Holiday Sail was given it's name and summoned to save The Earth from certain annihilation. Boasting some of the finest musicians the desert has to offer, Holiday Sail's current line-up solidified in the Summer of '05 and they have been rocking ever since. Leading our cast of characters is vocalist/acoustic-guitarist Minie (also of The Minie Gonzalez Band), with bassist Zoltan (also of The Old Main and The Zoltan Trio), drummer Gus (also of The Cranks) and vocalist/guitarist Rob.
Setting forth on the idea that music is a nebulous organism, their sound has been
not-so-simply described as:

"...Alt-Folk Pop Punk Hardcore (Radio Mike of"

That's about as succinct as you’ll get it, folks, because there’s no formula. Each song exists as its own creature and grows how it needs to grow. Then, Holiday Sail kills the song and sells you its pelt. And that’s where music comes from, Timmy. Oh! Um… anyway, Holiday Sail plan to rock until everyone in the world is singing along together. Only then, shall their mission be complete.

What others are saying about Holiday Sail:

"[…the live performance] was an inspired contrast of Rob-o-rama's old school rahr-rahr-rahr punkcore (both vocally and on guitar) and Minie's acousti-sweet vox. Add their lightening-pop drummer the set was satisfying as can be."

- Capt. America of Wig Wam Bam (.ORG)

“ Holiday Sail didn’t get asked to play Fall Crawl (The Alibi’s downtown music fest). Again.
In fact, they’ve never been asked to play a crawl. Not because they’re not good enough (they are) or for lack of trying (they have). There’s just a numbers problem working against them…
So here’s Holiday Sail, all dressed up with no place to play on Crawl night. But rather than glut themselves on self-pity, they actually did something about it.
…you won’t find Holiday Sail playing in any clubs, or even sulking at home. They’ll be hauling their amps and drum rigging and merchandise boxes through the congested streets of Downtown. Shortly thereafter, they’re going to play - free of charge – right there on Central between Fourth and Fifth Street. Holiday Sail will be joined by at least four other bands. They’re calling it “Fall Brawl.”

– Laura Marrich, “Music To Your Ears” – The Weekly Alibi V.15 No.34

"I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm's way."
- John Paul Jones


Precursor To A Spine

Written By: Holiday Sail

When I learned to walk, I never thought I'd die. For many thousand years on my vision I relied. And then the day would come the day I would lose my way, we were damaged goods and history fades

And then we learned to talk, but not communicate, generations lost over a life long debate. And then the day would come the day I found my way I felt a pull from north and history fades.

Lodestone was our life and opposites attract, the pieces in our brains lined up and made our backs. And then the days would pass, leaving us unmade with time unraveling while history fades.

These are the times before I had a spine, I'm leaving town and I'm living life. These are the times before I had a spine, I'm getting up and I'm killing life.

Better Days

Written By: Holiday Sail

I know I lied to you and I'm not sure if you ever caught it but there was no malice here, it's just my sorry justification.
But you don't go and run away, all through these days, you stay right by my side and stand up for me when I needed you and you never lied.

Lied to me, you never lied.

So make a list and point out all my faults, I know I've got so much because I'm such a sinner, yeah and you never trust my touch. Sometimes you run away and look away and don't listen to me. You know I'll try to say the things you want, the things you wanna hear

But don't wanna lie. I don't wanna lie.

Wake me up. I don't want to sleep my life away. Wake me up. I've seen better days.

Our conversations have been replaced by bouts of vocal self doubt as we shout and argue and berate our way through the end of the day.
While all the people here, they sit and stare, they don't know or don't care to understand the reasons why, the reasons why civilizations die.

It's all my fault because I lie.


Written By: Holiday Sail

The winter wind is leaving again. The sun is coming home, like an old friend. Shedding old habits and shedding some skin.

It's afternoon. The sun is in my eyes. It warms me too and yet I ask why we're infatuated with this time of year.

No answers for the time I took, for every stolen glance, moment and look. In my defense, these are the best days

No, I can't see it but I can feel it. Another year is gone.

The winter comes to us all. I never much liked the fall. I swore I'd never waste another spring day.

Leaves change like hair gone gray, clouds gather while good looks fade and I watch the days as time flies by. When we end the world will sigh.


- Rock Outside the Box Vol. 2 "NMs largest and most widely known compilation record."
- "Precursor To An Album" EP

Set List

Burn A Hole
Walking Cliche`
Strike A Poser
Better Days
Precursor To A Spine
Empires Fall
Everyday Tune
Drea's Song
Sitting On My Hands
No War

We can play 9-18 songs a set. Occassionally we perform several covers, mainly Sublime and Bob Marley tunes. Our longest shows and sets have been up to 2 hours longs though we've been able to rock a crowd within half an hour.