A shot of good ol' American rock n roll with the occasional country chaser.


Armed with songs about girls, liquor, Pennsylvania, and the ghosts of regret, Holidaysburg is the guy sitting next to you at the bar who either won't shut up or wants you to shut up, but is there for you nonetheless; the broken-hearted echo of days when sleeves were readily adorned with hearts and hands with near-empty bottles, while the wearer of both sat quietly for just one song to grace the jukebox that would give him good reason to rid himself of one or the other.

Rob Weddle (voice/guitar), Larry Fulford (drums), Jed Johnson (guitar), and Ben Thacker (bass) have stumbled around the block in a number of bands since their teens. With Holidaysburg, the four have met somewhere in the middle of the fuzz-laden urgency of punk rock and the lazy Sunday jangle of classic country music.

In the summer of 2005, the band released their debut record, "A Better November," a ten-song chronicle of good times and hindsight, low flying planes and powerlines, friends in cold places, and Jesus.

Since then, the boys have opened for several of their favorite national artists, including Mic Harrison, Drag The River, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, and Cory Branan.


Good To Me

Written By: Weddle/Fulford

Well I guess here's your song
now admit you were wrong about everything.
Was it something so strong
that you couldn't hang on to this one thing?
Is it so simple,
is it so hard
not to be tempted
to break this fragile heart?
Surface to air,
"is there anyone there who can hear me?
She's mastered the art
of refusing to start with the flinching."
There's so much at stake,
so little time.
The underdog has the upperhand
and he lays it on the line
Baby you're good to me,
better than you have to be.
I can't imagine having anything
if you weren't there to share it with me.
Baby you're good to me.
I wish I could make you see
that without you in my life
I'm only half the man that I could be.
You promised tomorrow,
every hour, every day to follow.
You promised tomorrow.
That's what you said.
That's what you said.
It'd be easy to say
let's just throw it away and start over.
Give in to defeat,
give it up and retreat to a safer place.
It doesn't matter if
we're on a sinking ship.
This sunset's spectacular,
yeah the view from here is the best.

(You've Got) A Friend in Pennsylvania

Written By: Weddle

The weatherman tells me it's cold today.
The weather man ain't gonna make a friend outta me that way,
but that's alright.
It kills me to see her sleeping alone,
but I can't seem to tear my eyes away from a full moon disowned by the frozen night.
But no matter how badly this winter tries to claim me,
I know that the summer is comin' 'round to save me in time.
And though everything here is seeming less important,
and all of my dreams are shifting back to warmer climes,
at least I know I got a friend in Pennsylvania tonight.
She's got a frozen couple o' hands.
She punches the gas in vain to warm up that old Grand-Am
and I climb inside.
We got nowhere in particular to be
but it's enough to make me count my blessings just to be in the passenger seat by her side.
I guess nobody ever bothered to be concerned with
what could happen way up in these mountains so deserted, so high.
And while the isolation might break a man from dreamin'
these hills ain't enough to deflect all the screamin' inside.
When all he wants is a friend in Pennsylvania tonight.
They don't wanna know you,
they don't wanna see you drown.
They just look right through you,
they know you ain't from around.
The weatherman tells me it's cold today.
The weatherman ain't gonna care one damn bit if I go away
and that's alright.
This turnpike can't end too soon
and if I figure right we should be crossin' the Florida line by the light of the moon.
And now that 220 is in my rearview mirror
I'm beginning to see things a little bit clearer this time.
And with all the salty and icy roads behind me,
the sun in my face stirs something to remind me that I
will always have a friend in Pennsylvania tonight.
Yeah at least I know I got a friend in Pennsylvania tonight.

A Better November

Written By: Fulford

This show's a train wreck,
a car crash, a big deal,
blue skies ain't smilin' on me.
Farewell to good times,
low-flyin' planes and power lines,
a co-pilot catastrophe.
Summer nearly choked me to death.
Fall saw me fall down again.
Better days have been replaced by
long nights in strange places.
Wish I could go back to then.
But an optimist never uses words like hindsight,
so here's to a better November to start the winter off right.
There's a screw in the tire, snipers in towers
with rifles and cameras in hand,
so let's drive away with a trunk full of memories,
roll the car,
crash and burn.
Haunted by a different kind of ghost,
the wind and this year blows, like a jukebox playing my least favorite song,
so light you up another cigarette and I'll drink myself to the edge of death and I'll see you from the floor before long.
Don't turn around.


A Better November [2005]

Set List

1) Praise The Lord
2) Stay Here Tonight
3) (You've Got) A Friend In Pennsylvania
4) Some Kid's High School Song
5) A Better November
6) Runaway West
7) Blood and Water
8) All That I Can Do
9) Song for the Drunked
10) 1,000 Away
11) Good To Me
12) When You Say Goodbye
13) Drinking to Forget
14) One More Last Round
15) Feel Good Hit of the Summer
16) The Weight of Our Strength
17) Backseat Blanket

Occasional covers:
Kenny Rogers - Coward of the County
Lucero - Tonight Ain't Gonna Be Good
Willie Nelson/George Jones - Gotta Get Drunk
Tom Petty - You Wreck Me
Steve Earle - Guitar Town
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son
Garth Brooks - Much Too Young to Feel This Damn Old
Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run
Lita Ford - Kiss Me Deadly