Holinshed is unique. We have purpose, a reason to be doing what we are doing. Personal and impersonal. We have a reason why people want to see us. We are not just a band that plays their cd live.


Holinshed is a progressive band from Richmond, Virginia. Their sound has been described as somewhat aggressive and experimental, and they have received much recognition in association with their live performances. Originally formed in 2000, and with the addition of a second guitarist in winter 2003, Holinshed has evolved both as a group and musically. Never limiting themselves to any particular way of self-classification, they attempt to make music that is true to their tastes and at the same time original and interesting. Their combination of intricate but tasteful string and drumwork and experimentation with vocal and guitar effects has given them the freedom to express themselves in accurate and inspiring ways. Holinshed is extremely proud of the music they make and are eager to share it with the listening public


Treatise EP (2005) - A. First Person
B. ACSMWC - (radio airplay)
C. Jail Cell Respiration
D. Neila Knip

First Person (2003) - 1. Scherzo
2. Inneundo
3. Aetherium
4. Through The Door
5. Back Out The Window
6. Revene
7. Porphyrogene

Set List

All original material - 40 minutes to 2 hours