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Holley 750, a self described trucker punk band. Their game is loud, fast thrash punk/metal that felt very much like a throwback to the days of when bands were not trying to write songs about their feelings and how sad they were and how their hair care products were so expensive. Instead, these guys turned the amps up as loud as they could, wrote three chord screamy songs about death machines, cheatin’ women, drugs and killing and played them as fast as possible. And thats pretty cool certainly not for everybody, but it is damn nice to see that still being done these days. Did I mention they were loud?
- anthony graham

Holley 750: Death Machine: CDEP
The band's name comes from a famed carburetor and they self-describe themselves as "trucker punk". This six-song EP reminds me of a slower Limecell or Cocknoose, and it's hard not to raise a hairy fist in the air as the songs plod on. Jamie Desoto's growly vocals are notably expressive and there's a dedicated "we mean it" vibe to it all that rises to the surface on every track. The song title "Guns and/or Knives" might be tongue-in-cheek, but the seedy lyrics are seriously awesome. -Art Ettinger (Razorcake #53)

- razorcake

It takes balls to claim yourself the “last great punk rock band.” And while the four guys in Denver’s Holley 750 might not be the most technically proficient act in town, the band has the gusto necessary to make punk seem relevant. The band is the musical equivalent of gulping cheap beer while driving way to fast down the highway - denver daily news


drink fight fuck vol 3 on zodiac killer records

death machine ep on zodiac killer records.

prison rules.. not released as of yet!!



HOLLEY 750 is a speedrock band from denver colorado. were here to destroy your town drink your booze and steal anything that isnt nailed down. we are the last great punk rock band.