Holley Anderson

Holley Anderson


I am a lefty, feminist, radically-spiritual, political songwriter and I tend to cover one or all of these topics in every song I write. I am devoted to a non-violent revolution and I sing about the personal as well as the universal aspects of daily spiritual and political struggle.


I am a singer/songwriter in the style and varying moods of Joan Biaz, Ani DiFranco, Lucinda Williams, Melissa Ferrick, Patti Griffith, and the Indigo Girls



Written By: Holley Anderson

There's a flood out in New Mexico
There are rivers running down through the streets
Santa Fe is underwater
And Albuquerque looks like the Caspian Sea
But Taos, New Mexico
Is floating above the flood
Like God herself told the people there
You are my body, you are my bood
There's a flood out in New Mexico

My thirsty soul found an oasis, out in New Mexico
Out where the water runs deep
She took me in, held me to her bosom
And like my mother, she rocked her lost child to sleep
In her deserts, I caught fresh sea bass
In her arroyos, the red wine flows
And I watch with eyes unbelieving
As she turns dry earth into loaves
There's a flood out in New Mexico

There's a flood across this country
The water is rising
Day by day by day
Maybe it feels much easier
When you have nothing, to give half away
But I've noticed the Holy Spirit
Seems to live where people are poor
Where wealth means healthy children
Where no one locks their doors
There's a flood of human kindess
Out in New mexico

What We Do

Written By: Holley Anderson

I carried your life with me
On the subway every day this week
People think if you talk about faith
You must be some right-wing freak
But you gave your life to the poor
You brought this world closer to truth
You showed the church what God meant
And now that you're dead they want to make you a saint

I stayed up till four last night
Worrying about bills
My sister can't afford childcare
There's a war being waged against single mothers on welfare
Meanwhile we spend billions of dollars
Killing children in other countries
Public schools cut art and music
With the power in the hands of the few,
They will abuse it

We need more people,
People like you
So please forgive us
For we know not, what we do

Jesus Christ was an anarchist
Dorothy Day was too
Gandhi said if you refuse to fight them
Eventually they will refuse to fight you
Martin Luther King Jr,
Preached active non-violence
Cause struggle is progress
And there's nothing but defeat in our
passive, our passive silence

This country's our country
The minorities make a majority
Will this turn into a dictatorship
Or can we make into something, even vaguely resembling a democracy
Lets stop killing our prophets
We've been given sacred life
It's not a choice between violence and nonviolence
It's a question of how much longer,
we will survive

We need more people
People like you
So please forgive us
For we know not, what we do


I am currently working on my first cd

Set List

My typical set list is nine or ten songs that I have written, including Flood, Out of Texas, What we do, Surrender, Inbetweeness, Forget to Mention, Kentucky, Just Live, and Letting you in; I also do many cover songs including "Essence" and "Drunken Angel" by Lucinda Williams, "Closer to Fine" and "Ghost" by the Indigo Girls, "Moses" by Patti Grffith, "Father and Son" by Cat Stevens and many more.