Holley Anderson

Holley Anderson


I am honest and full of heart. I write songs about life and love, about being a young mom and about exploring spirituality. I am able to emotionally connect with people very deeply while performing and am often told that I have moved people to tears.


I was recently recording with someone who told me I sound like Joan Baez. I am often told I sound like Dar Williams. I have a very eclectic set of influences and was raised on Scottish Folk music, Schooner Fare, The Kingston Trio, as well as choir music, Tom Waites, and The Talking Heads. I am a young, single mom. I am an adventurer and have lived all over the world and done all sorts of things including teaching skiing, opening a coffee shop, living in Spain, working as an assistant midwife, and teaching swimming.


I am in the process of producing my second cd. My fist cd was entitled "Why am I not a lesbian?"

Set List

My typical set list is all original songs. Sometimes I play 30 minute sets, sometimes 45 minute or hour long sets.