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Throwing Stones

Written By: Hollie Brogunier

Throwing Stones

Woke up from a dream my pillow soaking wet
I’d been crying tears of regret
In my dream he was lying with his lover in our bed
He didn’t move or act surprised he just said

Don’t throw stones love, I know all about you
Did you think I didn’t know you been running round too
1x: He left my guilty heart bleeding, no way to be consoled
2x: Would he leave my heart bleeding, no way to be consoled?
Cause I won’t be the one throwing stones

I agonized over what he would really do
Could he ever forgive me if he knew?
Would he leave me a lonely prisoner of shame?
Or would he wait til he could turn to me and say

(Repeat Chorus)

Paranoia got the best of me and I had to confess
I got down on my knees to beg forgiveness
But I wasn’t prepared for what came next, when he said

Alt Chorus:
I don’t throw stones love, I know all about you
And it’s been killing me that I was unfaithful too
Baby, can we start all over, I don’t wanna let you go
We don’t have to be alone, throwing stones