Modern Rock w/Soul meets 70's space riffs and songs about life and love. Pink Floyd meets Maroon 5. myspace.com/hollistheband


Two brothers raised in a Gospel Choir eschewing church raised on Soul Food and music joined forces with a total white-bred top 40 loving Midwesterner. Born 2 years ago with only a desire to make infectious, sing-along music that has a higher standard of musicianship and songwriting to fully digest all the palpable ingredients. It is truly something you have to hear that will leave you thinking "Those songs are stuck in my head, and they are the first time I have heard them!"
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Hollis Demo
1. Head Fools My Heart
2. When the Rain
3. Your Someday

Set List

We do only all original sets.
8-12 songs including
1. When the Rain
2. Your Someday
3. Held Captive
4. Somebody's No One
5. Stay for Awhile
6. Head Fools My Heart
7. Give Away
8. First Try
9. Unspoken Law
10. Oxygen