Hollis & the Widows

Hollis & the Widows

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Hollis & The Widows are a three-piece garage/folk/punk group based out of Toronto.


Hollis and the Widows’ signature ‘Stalker Rock’ sound falls somewhere between The Strokes, Fugazi, Tom Waits and Radiohead, all infused with a little bit of blues and country. The band functions as a trio, featuring songwriter Brandon 'Hollis' Shantz on electric guitar and lead vocals and his Widows, Jason Turriff on drums and Steve Witt on bass and harmonies. Witt and Turriff are widely suspected to be twins by two different fathers, (a rare anomaly but quite factually documented, they will assure you) with Hollis acting as their legal guardian and attorney. Joined by their Mennonite-like work ethic and a fashion sense that calls up memories of Iranian hipsters from the 1960s the Widows provide a steady backbone for the dreamier, free-flowing Hollis.
Hollis and the Widows have been gigging steadily around Eastern Canada for the past year, bringing their original brand of garage-y folk-punk just about anywhere with a Chinese buffet in a ten mile radius.

For booking, contact Steve Buscemi - hollisandthewidows@gmail.com