Hollis Oliver

Hollis Oliver


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We're Country Fans

Written By: Hollis Oliver

There’s a freeway flowin’ underneath my tires
Me and my friends we’ve lit these wheels on fire
It’s like a shot rang out and we’re on stampede
We’re runnin’ hot and hungry, here’s what we need…

Chorus 1
We need the country, we need that music
We need the guitars, they get right to it
To hear the voices, to hear that drawl
We need the country……We’re country fans y’all

Tickets in the glove box, got them months ago
When we heard ol’ Hank Jr.’s gonna open up the show
Alan Jackson’s on the venue, man it’s gonna be great
We’ll be jumpin’ up, yellin’ when they bring on George Strait

Chorus 1

Thousands bumpin’, jumpin’ hard to see a doggone thing
But it doesn’t really matter we still hear those boys singin’
A sea of cowboy hats floatin’ through the air all around
Man, there ain’t nothin’ like this country music playground

Chorus 2
We’ve got the country, we’ve got that music
We hear those guitars; they’re gettin’ right to it
We came to party, we came dance
Whew!, we love the country……We’re country fans… y’all