Ruston, Louisiana, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Holliwithai music is mostly Hip Hop mix with pop. He dares to be different and it shows through the music. He is a very creative, charismatic, entertainmening, and Fli individual Loves to rock the crowds and make good music!


Pelican Fli Int. LLC, started by Rayonti Wright and Jewel Bowden. They are childhood friends and are cousins from Ruston, La. Rayonti is a Grambling High School graduate and is now attending Grambling State University in Grambling,La. Holli is self- managed, but Jewel is the "in-house" manager. The inspirational force behind the company is from that of the late Joshua "Pelican" Williams, one of the most prominent local rappers from the area.Their influences are first off God Almighty,their children,families,friends, and even big time superstars. They represent what thei call "FLI", which is an acronym for Fulfilling Life's Intentions. They live by on code, I STAND 4 THEM AND THEI STAND 4 I, BECAUSE THERE IS NO I IN WE BUT THERE IS A WE IN I.


Rip Tha Runwai- Flo Rida Global Disco mixtape hosted by Deejay Danny-T(2011)
PFI Presents: Tha D.O.F Mixtape(2011)