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Shawty U Pop, Keep It Real,
Think Holliwood Vol. I



“Holliwood” AKA “Yung Wood”

Determination, Drive and Dedication are the key elements that have propelled Yung Wood to the forefront of the Chicago hip hop scene. At an age where most of his peers are juggling their normal tasks, like dating, homework, and parties, Holliwood, has challenged himself to become something a little different.

“Creativity is what separates me!!”
As most of these stories begin, it starts at a local talent show; here is where Jason Robinson; inspired by the admiration the crowd showed to a local performer, decided to become and artist himself. “I felt the energy the crowd had after the performance, and said to myself I want to feel that, I want to be part of something that pure and real.” So that’s exactly what he did. He began to hone his skills as and emcee, as he had been doing as a basketball player. “It takes creativity; creativity is what separates me from everybody else. So while they are all out there doing the same thing, I’m trying to provide something new and fresh”
This creativity can be seen in the booth, on the court, and even in his name its self. “Well the name came from a friend of mine; he was like “Think Hollywood”. When ever you hear that name you think about talent, fame, money and entertainment. You don’t think about the actual place, so I felt like the name Holliwood was prefect for me. With the name and vision in place, what’s the motivation? My motivation is my family, I don’t want them to have to struggle ever again, and I want to bring some realness to the music industry, because right now, I understand the need to make money and everything, but its just so tainted, and I’m trying to clean that up…..“Think Holliwood”