Hollow Bloom

Hollow Bloom

 Wichita Falls, Texas, USA

Bringing what was great from the 70's and 90's music eras into a blend of poppy groves and rock solo's suitable for modern rock 'n' roll. Every members influences gives our songs personal character that listeners can relate to, and making our sound different from others.


Hollow Bloom is an alternative rock band that consists of Jared Boswell(lead vocals,bass), brothers Matt(lead guitar) and Jeff(rhythm guitar,backing vocals) Zotz, and Johnny Velcro(drums).
HB began with childhood friends Matt Zotz and Jared Bozwell forming a band called Paradox. After deciding that the sound the lead singer was trying make wasn't for them, they and the drummer left to start a band of their own with Jared on vocals. After the death of their drummer though, they took a break from playing in what they say was "waiting of Jeff to be a better guitar player." About three years later Jeff Zotz formed the band Meatplow with his then roommate and his roommate's friend John Rogers. When jealousy overtook Jared and Matt, they convinced Jeff to leave the band to start one with them. Needing a drummer, Jeff asked John to come with him to form this new band. John agreed and Hollow Bloom was created.
Hollow Blooms sound comes from the influences of Stone Temple Pilots, Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins, Steely Dan, David Bowie, and various of other artist from different decades. The lyrics have deep meanings and metaphors from the mind of Jared. The music has catchy hooks and upbeat rhythm that any listener of music can tap a foot to.


To the Water