Hollow Council

Hollow Council


"Alternative Rock with a Classical Hook and a Blues Edge."


March 2009 Announcement: Hollow Council band with "Time For Change" album on Platinum Plus Records, Nashville, has been licensed for international distribution with Platinum Plus/Sony/BMG Global and has signed on as "Hollow Council". This band will heretofore be booking and marketed internationally with the band name HOLLOW COUNCIL.

This band features the music composition and extreme classical & electric guitar work of Charles Watson, electic powerhouse drumming of Shane Walker, aces & eights bass by Josh Cummings, and straight-up rock vocals of Chris Dunham.

Their music is alternatively tuned and has unique grooves and sound due to the finesse of Charles Watson's fingerstyle techniques and background, a renown classical guitarist of extreme styles and methods, and also as an electric guitarist and keyboard musician adept at overall composition, melody constructs, and dynamic arrangements.

This band's music, "Alternative Rock with a Classical Hook and a Blues Edge" is revolutionary and fine-tuned, highlighted by sophisticated instrumentation, driving rhythms, and infectious hooks.

The team of musicians Watson has put together, originally to record an album with him that he contracted as a classical guitarist through Platinum Plus Universal to be on Platinum Plus Records, Nashville, "you ain't heard classical guitar like this unless you've heard Charles Watson SHRED", a band that has since launched as a much sought-after career performing band. Band members are all seasoned professionals with broad backgrounds in style and genre, the band played the Sturgis 2008 Bike Rally, the Time For Change album ranked #1 in AAA radio charts for 45 weeks with 2 singles "Stuffed Suits" and "Stop Wasting My Time", "Empty Man" is on RNR's Compilation Series CD and 3000 Indy Rock 360 compilation CD. Charles Watson & Hollow Council/Hollow Council began performing live October 2007.

Their individual backgrounds lends the music a very different sound while being genre specific as definite Rock and subgenre as Alternative. Some of their songs could easily be called Alternative Progressive Rock as well.

Charles Watson and Chris Dunham co-write the lyrics for the band's songs. The combination of Watson's experience as a composer, lyric song writer, and vocalist and Dunham's experience with writing his own brand of poetic verse, has produced a hot lyric writing duo and the band's songs are known for being lyric intensive, covering a range of topical interests with unusually captivating concepts.

Josh Cummings, an all around superior musician, is also a contributing vocalist; he and Watson also sing harmony & backup vocals to the lead vocals of Chris Dunham.

Cummings is a very savvy bassist with polished techniques and lots of style. He is also a professional hand drum percussionist, having toured across the US with drum troups for seven years, has played bass with Watson in previous bands and, together, they also gigged as the Van Gogh Effect, a duet of Josh's extraordinary collection of international drumming rhythms and Charles' classical and electric guitar extravaganzas. The song,"Devils Hand", on the Time For Change album features Cummings hand drumming.

Chris Dunham has a background as a theatrical, commercial, and Indie film actor and is very audience engaging. He studied vocal training with a master vocal instructor in the PX area, Michael Wheeler, previously sang with local hardrock bands, self-describes his vocals as 'haunting', likes to go by the stage name "Iron Dog", gives passionate delivery, and has a touch of Southern Country Rock in his style. Chris Dunham put out a cult classic volume of contemporary poetry, "Disturbed Reason" in 1993 featuring the art work of Charles Watson. He and Watson hone-in the vocal melodies and dynamics to profound degrees and the vocal melodic content of the band's songs are exciting and moving.

Shane Walker, a superb percussionist with a tremendous range of technique and styles, and a list of creds longer than your arm, is also a hand drummer and professional trombone player. Like Watson, he is a formally schooled musician and they originally met while on staff as music instructors at one of Arizona's foremost music academies, Arizona Music Academy, and began playing jazz, blues, and freeform jamming together with various other musicians.

This band also features Walker on Drums, Cummings on Bass, and Watson on Guitar as an instrumental power trio known for their exciting and extreme jam sessions that literally "rock the house".

Charles Watson & Hollow Council's album “Time For Change” is on Platinum Plus Records, Nashville and was recorded in Nashville, TN at Chelsea Studios & Gravity Studios under the watchful eyes of executive producer Legends Hall of Fame Producer, Robert Metzgar, and Producer Tony Migliore and was engineered by legendary Chuck Haines and Spike Jones. The album also features guest harmony backup vocals by Susie Marshall and


Empty Man

Written By: Chris Dunham and Charles Watson

empty man.

Staring down the barrel, Of hypocrisy
Your eyes light up, As I collect my fee
You said your prayers, You had that time
When I got paid, Your life was mine

Dance with the demons, Day by day
On my way to hell, That’s what they say
Cuz I ain’t perfect, not the chosen one
I’ll find my peace when I’m buried and done

Look in my eyes, see a black hole
Staring back at cha, w/an empty soul.
I’ve got a big hearts, its made of stone
I walk a straight line, on a crooked road

I serve myself, and no one else
Play my own cards, not what I’m dealt.
See my face, you think I care
Behind my mask, there’s nothin there

I have no regrets
I have no pain
I have no sorrows
I have no blame
This is how I choose to be
I have nothing

I’m an empty man

Standing at the gates of heaven and hell
You turn me away, cuz you know me well
Don’t come here its not your time
Go back to earth and live your lies, empty

Stop Wasting My Time

Written By: M. E. Kibler

(Verse 1)

Tired of saying I'm sorry
Tired of making amends

Tired of laying awake all night
Worried I’ll upset you again

Tired of running things your way
Tired of your version of the truth

I’m sinking fast and know this can’t last letting you treat me like your Fool ... Love


Isn’t a list of what I must do
To make everything all right with you;
Compassion isn’t selfish & it ain’t blind;
You don’t love me just for myself

Stop wasting my time (4x)

(Verse 2)
I Wonder if you’ll ever change,
Will you ever be my friend,
Will you ever care what’s right for me, can’t you see my life ain’t yours to spend

I’m leaving this note on your door;
I’m in a hurry, you will find

Won’t be back, I’ve faced the plain facts ... Love

Isn’t a list of what I must do
To make everything all right with you;
Compassion isn’t selfish & it ain’t blind;
You don’t love me for myself, I’m wasting my time

Stop wasting my time (4x)

Fracture Me

Written By: Watson/Dunham

Fracture me

when the energy leaves my lips
they told me, I’z done with this:
in these words, my hate bears
can’t fight my fathers stare:
with this I fill the air
these fists, I did prepare:
as flesh meets the bones
this the only life I’ve known.

as I’m falling towards the ground
as sorrows erase the sound
as I’m falling towards the ground
I’m failing to the pain
Never let this pain (4) fracture-fracture me

I’m standing toe to toe
the journey which I chose:
the battle in front of me
my chance, to redeem:
with every blow I throw
its puts me in control:
Now I’m standing all alone
as I take this title home.

as I’m falling towards the ground
as sorrows erase the sound
as I’m falling towards the ground
as I’m Rising from the count
I’m Falling without a sound
as my soul touches down
as I’m failing to believe
I’m rising to the pain
Never let this pain (4x) Fracture, fracture me


Liquid Sin

Written By: Chris Dunham

Liquid sin

Gonna tell you a story that I know well
About a man who’s been down to hell.

Sat on top of Satan’s throne
Dipped his cup in the rivers below
(water ripple sound effect)
Got a yearning, deep down in my bones
If I don’t stop it, it’ll never let go

Comes around me, same old fight
Turns my soul as black as the night.

It’s Coming to me, I can feel it again
Got the Taste, need my Liquid Sin
Its calling to me I can hear it again
Got the Taste, I want my liquid sin

Louie Cypher man he’s talking to me
Take your place, back, beside me

Dr. Jack ain’t no help to me
He’s the demon I cannot set free

Take the step, gotta get inside
Hands are shakin, my minds on fire

Starve myself, god save my soul
Erase the urge, to let go

It’s Coming to me, I can feel it again
Got the Taste, need my Liquid Sin
Its calling to me, I can hear it again
Got the Taste, I want my liquid sin

Look in the mirror, who the hell am I
God damn bottle, has taken my life

It’s Coming to me, I can feel it again
Got the Taste, need my Liquid Sin

Its calling to me I can hear it again
Got the Taste, I want my liquid sin

Ain’t no ending for people like me
We gonna drown in our misery

Got the liquid sin on my mind
I got the means to be satisfied

Dunham 11/2006


Artist: Charles Watson & Hollow Council
Album title: Time For Change
Label: Platinum Plus Records, Nashville
Executive Producer: Robert Metzgar
Produced by Tony Migliore
Recorded at Chelsea studios and Gravity studios, Nashville, TN
Engineered and mixed by Spike Jones
Mastered by Chris Milfred at Groovelab Mastering, Nashville, TN
Additional background vocals by Spike Jones and Susie Marshall
Art Director: Charles Watson
Graphic design: Ben Sams for Samson Designs, Nashville, TN

--"Stuffed Suits" (single from album: Time For Change) AAA Radio Charts, Fall 2008
--"Stop Wasting My Time" (single from album: Time For Change) AAA Radio Charts, Fall 2008
--"Empty Man" (Single) selected for RNR Radio and 3000 Indy Rock 360 Compilation CD Series for 2009
--"Plastic Icon" airplay Alternative Rock Arizona KWSS FM as of 5/09
--DVD - music video - filmed and recorded June 2008 and is the album "Time For Change" LIVE

Set List

Liquid Sin
Stop Wasting My Time
Stuffed Suits
Devil's Hand
Tomorrow Will Come
Letter To God
Empty Man
Never Rest
Fracture Me
Shadow By Your Side
Plastic Icon
Teenage Wasteland (Baba O'Reilly)
Message in the Bottle
War Pigs
Simple Man
Keep on Rockin in the Free World
Lost in the World
You can't be wrong
Everybody Else Is
Silohuette of an Outcast
King of Misery
Back in Black
Hells Bells
Hotel California
Life is a Hiway
Spirit of the Radio
and extreme instrumental jam sessions plus over 200 cover songs.