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"Orange County Band Rocks Al Asad"

Orange County Band Rocks Al Asad
Marine Corps News | Lcpl. Brian J. Holloran | July 10, 2006
Al Asad, Iraq - Hollowell, a band from Orange County, Calif., entertained a crowd of service members at the Morale, Welfare and Recreation building here June 29.

According to Jared Daniels, bassist for Hollowell, the band decided to come out to Iraq to show their support for the men and women fighting for our country.

"The is the best way we can think of to say thank you to all of the troops," said Daniels, a native of Orange County, Calif. "We need to show our support for everything the men and women over here are doing. This is the least we can do."

"The band was awesome," said Pfc. Dennis S. Miller, a motor transportation mechanic, Combat Logistics Battalion 7, 1st Marine Logistic Group. "They played a bunch of original stuff, all of which was good. I also like the fact that they are willing to leave their comfortable homes and risk their lives just to come out here and to give us one night of entertainment."

Al Asad was the last stop for the rockers on their journey across Iraq and Kuwait.

"We have been to Baghdad, Haditha and Kuwait before coming here," said Michael Slateford, drummer for Hollowell. "This our last stop before we head home. I have to admit that I am more than a little sad to leave. I really enjoy being out here with the troops."

The band has viewed this trip as a way to not only entertain the troops but to also connect with their fans.

"This is the best way to show our fans that we really care about them," said Slateford, a native of Orange County, Calif.

"These guys are great," said Miller, a native of Canton, Ohio. "Not only are they a great band, but they are willing to risk their lives to play for us. That is amazing." - Military.com

"Orange Pop: Hollowell rocks for troops overseas"


For some Orange County bands, recognition means merely climbing the ranks within the local bar scene. For Hollowell, success happened several thousands of miles away from home.
In 2005, the quartet received an e-mail from AKA Productions, a Southern California-based company that organizes entertainment for the troops on active duty overseas. AKA was interested in Hollowell and had asked the band to audition to be part of an upcoming tour. That same year Hollowell was flown to Iraq for the first time.

Orange County alternative rock act Hollowell features (from left to right): Matt Hulet, Justin Dike, Joseph Denges and Dusty Schiefelbein.
"It's obviously completely different than playing in Orange County, but it's really fulfilling," vocalist Joseph Denges says. "There's so much music that goes on here and we're constantly bombarded by bands, flyers, shows ... and to go there and play, you're playing for these troops who have nothing ... who are busting their butts and they barely get visitors, let alone any sort of entertainment and it's a big deal to them. It is an awakening. We (the band) think about people over there all of the time but most people never get to really see it and really live it."
Its music has taken Hollowell all over the world, including Kuwait, Pakistan and Iraq in the Middle East and into the Ukraine and Italy.
Since its first stint with the troops in '05, Hollowell has been invited back to play every year since.
"It's a blast but by the end of the tours we're all tuckered out to say the very least," Denges says. "It's the least we could do for them. It's just a little escape – that's all it is and (the troops) are so thankful and it's fun to hang out with them after the shows. It makes being tired afterwards all worth it."
On it's first outing in Iraq, Denges says that the bands then-bassist ran into a soldier whom he had gone to high school in Orange County with and to a homecoming dance as part of a double date.
"That's when you know that this is a pretty small world," he says.
Although they won't receive word until closer to the holidays, Hollowell is hoping to go back and perform for the troops again this year.
Hollowell was formed in 2003 by high school buddies Denges, drummer Justin Dike and guitarist Matt Hulet. It's current incarnation, which includes bassist Dusty Schiefelbein, has been together since 2006. The band name, Denges says, comes literally from the two words hollow and well – "It's those two words made one that has become a philosophy for us ... being emptied of everything, only to be filled up again. We've all been through a lot in our lives so it's kind of a good reminder for us to look for something better and hope for something more."
The group has managed to land numerous gigs in the area but has struggled in this extremely competitive music market. Hollowell describes itself as an alternative rock act, but have also been dubbed a Christian-rock band.
"There's always some debate on that," Denges says. "We're all Christian guys and the music has some undertones, but we're not at all a preachy band. The songs just come from our lives and struggles, happiness and triumphs ... so there is some of that to it. Some of the songs were written as prayers but they're not evangelical."
Hollowell often does lead worship at various churches but say that those performances are different from its regular live show.
"Saying we're a Christian band will shut the door to a lot of listeners but at the same time we want to let people know that that avenue is available if that's what they're looking for," he adds.
Denges is the primary lyricist and says that some of the songs stem from his past and his struggle with addiction.
"A lot of our stuff comes from hard times. I'd like to see a lot more hope from our songs in the future, especially with the world the way it is and with the economy – there's a l - Orange County Register

"Orange County band, Hollowell to open for 90s rock band, Marcy Playground"

You remember Marcy Playground, right? They were very popular in the late 90s with their hit, "Sex and Candy." Since then, they've had four major label record releases, including their current album, Indaba remixes from Wonderland, released September 28, 2010.

Marcy Playground are currently on tour to promote their new album, and will be making a few stops in the Orange County locale. They start their California area tour in San Diego, CA at Brick by Brick on January 26, 2011 and finish up in California on February 5, 2011 at Swigg in Fresno, CA.

View slideshow: Hollowell and Marcy Playground, January 29, 2011
One of their stops will be right in the center of Orange County at San Juan Capistrano's The Coach House. This is a special show in that Orange County's own, Hollowell, will be joining Marcy Playground on stage.


Hollowell is an Orange County based alternative rock band with much experience on the stage. After playing together for ten years, they've toured four times for the American troops overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as various other military bases in the middle East. Hollowell has shared the stage with such acts as Vertical Horizon, J.R. Richards of Dishwalla, Tyrone Wells, Rocco Deluca and now come July 2011, Gin Blossoms.

So do you have plans for January 29, 2011? If not, get your tickets for the Marcy Playground show with support from Hollowell and don't miss the fun evening of great music. If you do already have plans for that night, break them and go to this show anyway, you won't want to miss Marcy Playground and you certainly won't want to miss Hollowell. - Examiner.com

"Orange County's, Hollowell to open for the Gin Blossoms"

Mark your calendar for July 30, 2011. That is the day that Orange County local band, HOLLOWELL will be opening for the 90s band, Gin Blossoms at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

Gin Blossoms, who formed in 1987, have put out only 5 studio albums, including their most recent work, No Chocolate Cake, released in September of 2010.

Gin Blossoms, who received recognition for their singles, Hey Jealousy, 'Til I Hear it From You, Follow You Down, and Long Time Gone.

They are currently on tour throughout the US. They'll be stopping in California for four shows beginning July 28, 2011 in Redondo Beach at Brixton South Bay, and finishing up in California on August 5, 2011 at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.


As a treat to the Orange County area, Gin Blossoms will be stopping in San Juan Capistrano at The Coach House on July 30, 2011 to play with Orange County's very own, HOLLOWELL.

HOLLOWELL has several great shows coming up, including another show at The Coach House, opening for 90s rock band, Marcy Playground, in January.

In addition to opening for national headliners, HOLLOWELL puts a lot of time in touring overseas for the men and women of the American Military. As of now, they've completed four very successful tours for the troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait and several other military bases in the middle East.

Keep an eye open for these guys, HOLLOWELL, they're on their way to becoming the next greatest thing. Who knows. . . they could possibly be the greatest thing since sliced butter (or butter packets, to some). - Examiner.com

"NEWS: Orange County rock band Hollowell rocks Q-West"

The rock band Hollowell jammed for Soldiers at the Favors Outdoor Theater here April 10, in the first outdoor show of the year at this remote Army logistics base in northern Iraq.

Hollowell, a progressive rock band out of Orange County, Calif., performed at Q-West for the second time, though it was the band's fourth trip to the Middle East. Band members included Joe Denges, lead vocals and guitar; Matt Hulet, lead guitar; Justin Dike, drums; and Dusty Schiefelbein, backup vocals and bass guitar.

Once "on ground" at Q-West, the band went to work setting up equipment for the show and going through sound checks with tour manager and sound-tech Jeffery "Rug" Western. The venue prepared, members of the band took a few minutes to meet with the base Mayor, Lt. Col. Alan Dorow, commander, 181st Brigade Support Battalion, and Command Sgt. Maj. Robert Lane, command sergeant major, 181st BSB.

That left time for dinner and a short break before the show. The evening was cool and clear with a full moon, good weather for an outdoor concert. The band took the stage just after dark. They played primarily original material, but did throw in a few covers, including crowd-favorite "Another Brick in the Wall," by Pink Floyd.

More than 150 Soldiers and civilians came out to see the concert.

"I hadn't heard of them before, but they had a real good sound," said Spc. Chris Baumgart, a native of Seattle, Wash. "It was an excellent concert."

Those Soldiers that went to the concert were glad they did.

"I wasn't planning on going to the show, but then I had some time off, so I went," said Spc. Shane Sotocole, a native of Rainier, Wash. "I was really surprised; they were great. The lead guitar player was great, inspiring."

Hollowell band members ended the concert with a tribute and prayer for U.S. service men, and met with Soldiers after the show and signed tour posters.

Read more: http://www.dvidshub.net/news/32585/orange-county-rock-band-hollowell-rocks-q-west#.T7pea59YuaE#ixzz1vWCy3LK0 - http://www.dvidshub.net/

"Orange County band lends a hand across the globe"

Orange County band lends a hand across the globe
Adam Lowe
Issue date: 3/11/08 Section: Entertainment
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When you think of local Orange County music, do you have negative thoughts? If the answer is "yes," I am about to change that forever. This is because of the incredible story of Joe Denges, Justin Dike, Matt Hulet and Dusty Schiefelbein of the band, Hollowell.

They've played together for eight years at bars, clubs and even churches up and down all of California. But within the last few years, they've embarked on a few journeys that most local bands never get a chance to experience - going overseas and touring for the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Having two overseas tours under their belts, Hollowell is about to head out on their third, but not before taking a short detour to the African country of Swaziland where they will help kids suffering from AIDS, as well as play music for and with them.

Hollowell is an alternative rock band based out of the city of Orange, California. After the eight years they've been together, three of the original members still remain: Joe, Matt and Justin. Dusty, the newest member of the band, has been with them a little over two years now, and is, according to Joe, "exactly what we were missing." Their previous bassist was a good friend and amazing musician, but he had other avenues he desired to pursue which eventually led to Dusty, the missing piece of the Hollowell puzzle.

While Hollowell has released a few short EPs, it wasn't really until around 2006 that they actually began getting their music out there. First, with a 5-song worship EP, "All I Am" and just this year, a 5-song rock EP, "Are You Waiting," which gave them much popularity and notoriety from various individuals and organizations.

Beginning on March 13, 2008, Hollowell will be with a small group of people in the country of Swaziland, helping children suffering from AIDS. When asked what his main goal was in going to Swaziland, lead singer Joe Denges said: "We have a unified goal for Swaziland. We are trying to set the framework for a much bigger picture of bringing about a positive change in the nation and its people."

Drummer Justin Dike says that in going to Swaziland, he hopes to ". . . bring hope to a dying segment of my generation. . ." And if nothing else, "my main goal is to be able to just bring smiles to the faces of all the people in Swaziland..." says Dusty Schiefelbein, bassist. But before they come home, they will be playing music for these children and actually leaving their instruments for the children to learn to play - an example of true and caring artists.

After returning home from Swaziland on March 23, the guys of Hollowell have less than two weeks before they will board another flight and head overseas to support the troops in Iraq and give them an escape through music. Asking these guys why they keep going over to play for the troops, Dusty really does speak for all of them when he says, "We love playing for our troops! They give so much of themselves to fight for what they believe in and to protect the country we love so much! It is an honor for us to be able to entertain them."

Playing for the troops is very important to Hollowell, and according to Joe, "Seeing how much they are touched and what it means to them when we go over there makes it more than worth the trip. They're our friends and family, too now." What a life changing event and what an incredible opportunity these young men have. Their support and love for the troops is an inspiration, not to mention the fact that it is "freaking fun" according to Justin.

Listening to their brand new 5-song rock EP "Are You Waiting" it is easy to understand why they were nominated for "Best Live Electric Band" by the Orange County Music Awards Committee. "I think I'd freak out! [if we won]", Joe says, "It's been a trip for us because we got into the live competition by chance and we were h - The Pride "Adam Lowe"


“They're the greatest thing since sliced butter.” - Jacob Darden - Your Mom


“The music is sexier than Elizabeth Taylor in a gorilla suit.” - William Jeffers - Zoology Weekly


Still working on that hot first release.



Hollowell is Joe Denges, Dusty Schiefelbein, Justin Dike and Mark Catalano. As a band they've been playing together since 2003 with the addition of Mark in 2011, but their musical connection to each other is rooted in the mid 90's. they've toured all over the world. From all over Sunny Southern California to Texas and Nashville, TN... ALL THE WAY over to South Africa as well as FOUR tours over seas in IRAQ & Germany in support of our friends and family in the Armed Services. HOLLOWELL has put out a few EPs, including their most recent work, Are You Waiting?, available for purchase at iTunes.

HOLLOWELL brings so much to the local music table. With strong foundational influences in the 90s Alternative Rock movement, they have a familiar sound with QUITE a unique sound all their own. HOLLOWELL continues to work on new material and with each new show comes a brand new and exciting opportunity to share their amazing talents.

Keep an eye out for HOLLOWELL, you won't want to miss them when they come to town!

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