To paraphrase the Chicago Reader, "This mixture of old-fashioned pop tropes and knife-flashing punk attitude makes Hollows sound like a version of the Shangri-Las who got to the end of "Leader of the Pack" and decided to start a biker gang of their own." Think Supremes meet the Ramones.


Hollows are four girls and one guy who play catchy, fun-as-hell garage pop that treads the line between light and dark, while staying firmly rooted in Chicago's DIY punk scene.

Organist Maria Jenkins lends this music a unique funhouse verve, elevating the drive-in horror-flick throwback "Shadows in the Dark" to pop art. Guitarist Meg Kasten careens from spry jangle to ominous distortion and sneering feedback. Bassist Emma Hospelhorn anchors the low end while adding nuanced girl-group harmonies to Maria's lead vocal lines. Hollows have serious skills, and they also have imagination to spare. Their debut ranges from the post-punk lash-out "Mary Goes to Law School" to the C&W shuffle of "Muncie, IN" to a glorious cover of "Watch Out Sally," made famous by 60s songstress Diane Renay.

Despite its captivating harmonies and hooks and its pervasive sense of freewheeling fun, Hollows goes to some dark places. "Johnny Appleseed" portrays confused young people and their hopeless relationships. In its haze of distortion, the choppy rocker "Do the Scarecrow" celebrates a lover's angst and paranoia. ("What else can I do / To keep those birds away from you.") For a few seconds, even the blissful, shape-shifting pop tune "Love Will Find You" collapses into a fit of maniacal laughter.

Live, the band is a little louder, a little wilder, and even more fun than their lyrics would indicate, infusing every stage they play on with bubbly joy and punk-rock ennui. <3



Mary Goes to Law School

Written By: Maria Jenkins

Well her hair is nice and her teeth are white
Bet I'd beat her in a fight
She works all day and she strips at night
She's a third wave archetype

Mary goes to law school but I hate her anyway
She always knows the right thing to say
And I dont believe, I don't believe, I don't believe, I don't believe I do

It's a man's world baby, she's breakin' through
Mary I sure am sick of you
I won't complain no I won't pout
'Cause if I go to jail she can get me out


Muncie IN

Written By: Hollows

Late night drivin' in Muncie Indiana
Car crash window smash
Glass went through his head
Now my baby's dead

Telephone ringin' at seven in the morning
Policeman told me my baby lost his life
Now he's under the knife

when my baby died
they cut out his eyes
and they put them on a person who didn't even know his name
and it's a shame

Wonderin', wanderin' I'll walk the whole world over
To find somebody who'll love me like he did
Oh, like he did

When I find him I'll never move a muscle
Just let him hold me and take my lonely hand
Say he understands

And he'll say
Hello kitten you just caught my eye
And now I'll keep you safe until you die
There's no reason to run in fear
You'll never watch this lover's breath disappear



Makes me almost wish
That they cut off his lips
And they put 'em on a person whose mouth I still could kiss


Hollows (self-titled) -- LP on Addenda Records

Bobby Blueheart/Walkaway -- 7" on Trouble In Mind Records

Airplay on local Chicago stations CHIRP, WNUR and WHPK. Podcast favorites worldwide include Shadows in the Dark, Johnny Appleseed, and Mary Goes to Law School.

Set List

Our sets are usually about 30 minutes. One set per show. Songs range from 1.5 to 3 or 4 minutes.

Sample Set List:

Shadows in the Dark
Johnny Appleseed
Mary Goes to Law School
Do the Scarecrow
Skeleton Woman
Bobby Blueheart
Up and Down
Watch Out Sally
Skeleton Woman
Love Will Find You

Egyptian Shumba
Hanky Panky
Do You Wanna Dance