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Hardcore Joe

Written By: Holmes Allton

Hardcore Joe
Holmes Allton

The casino threw a smile at him,
the way that old friends do.
And he never asked for nothing
Even when he was black and blue.

The dollars burnt a hole in his pocket
All the way through his life
He never missed a morning
Despite the trouble and strife

Dead man walking, they used to say
But he never let dreams get in his way
Always beside you, rain hail or snow
Gone but not forgotten, hardcore Joe

Smoking like a chimney and drinking like a fish
To smell the hops whilst he could was his only wish
Bought some cigarette papers every day of his working life
His only happiness cut through him like a knife


When I think back on hardcore’s life
And the things he used to say
I’ll remember all the words and respect I’ll start to pay
Feeling lonely isn’t that hard when you’ve no where to go home
Now he’s free to do what he likes anywhere he may roam