Holly and Jon (Duo). Holly and The Blaze Kings (Band)

Holly and Jon (Duo). Holly and The Blaze Kings (Band)

 Slocan, British Columbia, CAN

Holly and Jon do an acoustic show as a duo, complete with stand up bass and bottleneck slide guitar. They also are involved in a project called "Holly and The Blaze Kings" which is an uptempo, house rockin' dance band, with an added horn section.


Canadian blues/roots recording artists, Holly and Jon are a duo based out of the Slocan Valley, in the West Kootenay region of BC. They play a blend of music from swampy, southern blues to swing with elements of jazz, folk and more. Their current CD release “1929” is inspired by the acoustic blues of the Delta. The CD’s cover track “Back to 1929”, offers a small glance at the history of the blues. The song takes you through field hollers, to smoky roadhouses and finally to see the Queen of the blues, Bessie Smith.
The new record contains 11 acoustic blues/roots tracks, including a couple of Robert Johnson chesnuts. The title track "Back To 1929" was the first one written for the CD and it sets the tone for the rest of the record; which includes a lot of stand up bass, acoustic slide guitar and those resplendent vocal harmonies that they are known for.
Soulful vocal’s, earthy guitar and rock solid bass playing make a power full combination and provide for an inspirational collection of music, reminiscent of the genuine era of blues from the deep south.

Holly was a song writing child prodigy and wrote her first song at the age of five and has been writing and performing ever since then. She took up bass at ten, while in elementary school. She won a vocal scholarship, performed at the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival and opened for multiple Maple Blues award winner, Carlos Del Junco, while still in high school. After graduating, Holly completed two years at the Selkirk College Contemporary Music Program, majoring in voice and performance and during that time she performed on a nationally televised show for the 2006 BC Winter Games in front of an audience of 3000 and sang with legendary jazz artist’s, The Brubreck Brothers. Her voice has been described as “smooth and soulful; combining an innate sense of melody with jazz phrasing and blues feel” and “Soaring from deep inside the well of Aretha Franklin and Eva Cassidy”. You only need listen to the power and emotion that Holly’s voice evokes on “Train Wreck Blues” from the Holly and Jon album “Big Wind on the Way” or her blues mama approach to “I’m A Woman” from the same album to realize that you don’t learn to sing this way. You’re born with it.

Jon started performing in England, where he spent a portion of his childhood and was lucky enough to be in England for the birth of the British Pop scene, in 1962. He resided just sixty miles south of London, where it was all happening and remembers seeing Cliff Richard and the Shadows and hearing The Beatles first album just after it was released in the UK. His cousins future husband even went to school with Jimi Hendrix's soon to be bass player, Noel Redding. At an early age Jon himself was entertaining audiences but it wasn’t until his family moved to Canada that he began to concentrate seriously on guitar and to play music professionally. After seeing blues legend’s Freddie King and Willie Dixon and the Chicago All Stars perform he followed his own musical calling and honed his craft in the western Canadian music scene of the mid 70’s and 80’s, later playing on shows with Spirit Of The West, Skydiggers, Chuck Berry protégé, Paul James and acclaimed songwriters, Doug Macleod and Fred Eaglesmith. Jon has played guitar for blues legend, Sonny Rhodes band; Grammy award winner, Donald Ray Johnson; Kelly Jay (formerly of Crowbar "OOh What A Feeling") and Canada's Goddess of the blues, Rita Chiarelli. Jon’s guitar prowess has been spoken of as “incorporating the fire and passion of Freddie King with the melody of Dickie Betts”. A more than adequate blues guitarist, Jon can also play some great country licks. Check out "Cowboy Angel" from the first album.


Blood on the Trax

Written By: Holly L Burden/ Jonathan A.P. Burden

Car junkyard, rusty chains
everything you trusted begins to change
razor's for teeth and wire for hair
you're a dirty bath tub, a broken chair.

Blood on the tracks, blood in the water
feelin' lonely but it don't matter.

Shiny wheels and bald tires
burnin' myself we choke on fire
yellow moon and orange sun
waitin' for you to become

blood on the tracks, blood in the water
feelin' lonely but it don't matter.

Livin' on the flood plain, waitin' for the flood
at the bottom of a slide chute
knee deep in mud
high in a tree top, naked in the rain
in the middle of a cut block
big wind on the way.

Blood on the tracks, blood in the water
feelin' lonely but it don't matter.

You will emerge and I will falter
I can listen but you don't call her
broken heart beat, silent glares
you don't want me but I don't care.

Blood on the tracks, blood in the water
feelin' lonely but it don't matter.

Blood on the tracks, blood in the water
feelin' lonely but it don't matter.

Blood on the tracks, blood in the water
feelin' lonely but it don't matter.

Written by Holly Lorraine Burden/Jonathan A P Burden


The record "Big Wind on the Way" was released in Oct. of 05. It is a sonic journey through various genre's including blues, funk, alt/country and folk rock. Songs can be streamed through links on their website or www.cdbaby.com/cd/hollyandjon or digitally downloaded at www.itunes.com. A number of tracks have received regular radio airplay including "One Desire", "I'm a Woman" and "Blood on the Trax".

Check out the Music (Audio) section of this EPK to listen to some brand new tracks from their newly released 2nd album of original material.
These tracks will provide you with a very accurate representation of what Holly and Jon sound like as a duo.

Set List

For concerts or festivals they do a one hour set of all original music (10-12 songs). The set will include selected songs from the "Big Wind" CD, songs from the new album "1929" and a well placed cover song or two.

Holly and Jon know how to read a crowd and their reportoire is large enough and their material varied enough to be excepted and embraced in any venue.
If it is a coffee house or an intimate acoustic setting, they perform their songs with acoustic guitar and bass and do their folk/roots show, letting those shimmering harmonies soar.
If the venue is a larger club, concert or festival, then Jon will strap on the Stratocaster and plug in to his Hot Rod Deluxe and Holly will crank up her All Tube Bass Amp and they will positively smoke . Holly can hold down the bottom end so well that comments such as "You two sound like a full band" or "I didn't realize there was no drummer until I looked" are common place. When they do add a drummer to the line up, prepare for lift off