Holly Baxley

Holly Baxley

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A musical conundrum with impressionistic piano melodies contrasted against bold, concise conversations of the heart. Some music with words, others with solo piano only.


Holly remembers her first "electronic babysiter", only it wasn't a television.

"My mom use to take my playpen and set it up next to Dad's Lowery organ . I'd stand up on wobbly legs, with a sagging diaper, and entertain myself and my family for much longer than a 1 year old's attention span normally holds.

By the time I was two I was changing out all the instruments in a certain style and pattern that I liked. Buy the time I was four, I had written my first song. I think it was six measures long. But it was a song!

I love songwriting. There are things you can say in words and it will reach people. But add the emotional depth of music, and it becomes powerful. Fuse the eternal love of Christ to it, and it has the power to transform lives.

This type of music is the language of grace and redemption. And though I set out to ignite the hearts of others, in the end, the one who is most transformed is me.

My biggest influences I would have to say is Michael W. Smith and John Tesh. I love their instrumental writing style and it really speaks to me. Enya is another influence of mine. I love how her words flow with the music, and just sorta wrap around you.

And that's what I try to do with my music. I want it to be flowing, gentle, and while it is, I want to whisper those questions, doubts, joys, fears, that call out from the heart. Why am I here? Am I alone? What is my purpose? Will I be remembered? I feel these are the questions that drive us for answers and to make a lasting set of footprints while we are here.

For the instrumental pieces that I compose, I want the listner to be wrapped up in his/her own reflection of family and memories and life, and remember the JOYS of them. Even in a life like mine that had endured it's own abuses in the past, there were and still continue to be moments of joy that make life worth discovering.

And it is in Christ that healing comes.



Written By: Holly Baxley

(This is solo piano only - no words)


Written By: Holly Baxley

(this is a solo piano piece only - no lyrics)


My debut album is out, "Never Abandoned". It's a full length CD of 10 songs and can be found on CDBbaby, iTunes, Amazon, DigStation, ect.

Set List

My set is straight off my album. Can do up to all 10 songs. Except where noted, all are piano and voice.

1. Sanctuary
2. Reflection (instrumental only)
3. Princess
4. Gethsemane
5. Prelude (instrumental only)
6. Never Abandoned
7. Bruised Reed
8. Bless Me Lord
9. Sunflower Dreams (instrumental only)
10. Adonai