Hollyday Everyday

Hollyday Everyday


All started with a struggle, do not easily give up. Still trying to reach what was dreamed!!!


Member :
-Fajar ML - Vocals, Guitar
-Adi DH - Drum

Member on Stage :
-Dicky P
-Rony WG
-Billy J

Hollyday Everyday consist of Fajar ML on guitar/vocals and Adi DH on drum.

Hollyday Everyday was founded of Fajar ML and Adi DH who had previously been joined in a band. Fajar ML and Adi DH start a band with a musical spirit that was quite different from any of their previous efforts. The band also consist of Dicky P, Rony WG, and Billy J when the band on the stage.



Written By: Fajar Madyaloka

spoken transmission : starts from here. what should we do?
reached the dream of imagination. why it should be done?
because you can reach it now. how do you now?
because you created for it. what will we get?
a biggest dream of all fantasy in your mind. then do it now before it all over.
when i have to go on
a mission and leave pretty girl
like starlight but i couldn’t leave her
because i knew that i would
really need her and i will know that
she needs me
believe me that i’ll be back for you
believe me that i’ll always beside you
here i just paused and watch the breadth of
the galaxy as a replacement
the beauty of your face which isn’t visible
from where i was stand
and if i didn’t come back to you
let me light up your heart like you always
light up my heart
believe me that i’ll be back for you
believe me that i’ll always beside you
believe me that i’ll be back for you
believe me that i’ll always beside you
spoken transmission : now we’ve got it. what else should we do? is there anything that can exceed this? because we need to exceed this!
and if i didn’t come back
then follow the light which will take you
to me
spoken transmission : this is who we are hollyday everyday


Fajar ML began working on new material shortly after the dissolution of Fastlife, July 2011. which is a band formed Fajar ML and Adi DH since 2008. for half a year Fajar ML work alone, before Adi DH joined the band. In January 2012, Adi DH was a part in this band. After Adi DH joined the band, Fajar ML and Adi DH recruit Rony WG, Dicky P and Billy J as a member on the stage.

Soon after forming, Hollyday Everyday started recording the first single called Imagine in mid-February and finish in late May 2012. Process that very long on this first single record, that caused many technical problems that occur. and finally Hollyday Everyday releasing singles on 16 June 2012.

Hollyday Everyday more than a band but more accurately “a different art project”. Hollyday Everyday influenced by music of Angels And Airwaves and Blink 182.