Holly Jackson

Holly Jackson


Sexy, Edgy, the real deal. Country Music Female Vocalist with a heck of a vocal range. Known for belting high notes, and a bit raspy on others, all in all, just unique. Original music, and cover song specialist.


My music is Country, border line Southern Rock. Influences include a range from Faith Hill to Lynard Skynard. I have an understanding that people like people they relate to. I grew up a poor farmers daughter, and have worked everyday of my life. Nothing has come easy, yet I'm proud of everything I've accomplished. I have the "look" for this genere. It's about time for another redhead in Country Music :)



Written By: Windswept songs

I need a harley ride about 105
On a two lane down to Mexico
I'm thinking shoulders wide,
I can hide behind,
Leaning in the curves as the wind blows
I've been way too careful my whole life
I need a little Dangerous
A little nothing to lose
Stricking matches just to find a fuse
I need a little reckless,
Up on the roof, flirting with falling
with somebody whose
Just a little dangerous.

I see a shorter dress and knockem dead red and a higher pair of high heels
Even takin' a dare, cuttin my hair,
doin the whole bottle blonde deal.
I'm not trying to change who I am


Thrills, Chills, take a few spills,
a fast ball, right down the pipe,
before I, skydive
Oh maybe not that high
Its the rush of a brand new tat
Dont want to do wrong, wanna do wrong, wanna do wrong
just wanna brush up against
a little dangerous



4 songs released with local radio play.
On with the Show
I gotta have it

Set List

I can't do that anymore
Lets give em something to talk about
Red neck women
All jacked up
Piece of my heart
Broken wing
Because you love me
Turn back time
Leave the pieces
Leavin on your mind
Nothing better to do
How do I live
First cut is the deepest
bobby mgee
teardrops on my guitar
leavin on your mind
How I feel
There you'll be
no place that far
little goodbyes
bye bye
sunshine and summertime
because of you
Jesus take the wheel
When god fear'n women get the blues
secret of life
love the way you love me
this kiss