holly jane ewens

holly jane ewens


Finding strength in the delicate and everyday, Holly's an honest songwriter. But by avoiding pre-conceptions, her style surprises and subdues; from the tinsel of pretty acoustic guitar, to the brash echo of underwater thumps and flickers, she conveys a magic both real and other-worldly.


Contemporary folk with a foot in the electronic pool, Holly presents her songs kinda like a christmas tree; organic structures hung with little flickering lights and noises. She gives them space - ordering focus on her tales of exile, nuance or discovery.


Holly jane Ewens 'Preserve This' 2005 (album)

Set List

No covers. Prefers to mould her repertoire to fit the vibe of the venue and audience. Inclines towards shorter sets and performances (1hr), rather than longer, as her music is best heard with full attention.