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Grew Up In Tennssee

Written By: Holly Jones/Brad Hull/Tom Worth

The Southern Blue Ridge mountains were watching over me

From my first breath to my first kiss, and everything between

Summer days in Outer Banks flew by, like flickers of a firefly

Bluegrass and white sand, yeah, that was Caroline

I left home at seventeen with my high school love and his grandma's ring. When daddy said you're too young, I said, no I'm not.

We moved west, one car in debt,
We thought that we knew best
but life came fast and taught us that it wasn't so easy
That's just me....

Raised in Carolina, grew up in Tennessee

Our first month in Memphis, was harder than we'd dreamed

The thrill wore off and winter brought a cold reality

I worked days and he worked nights, love stood still and time moved by

We went from living, to just, trying to survive

We said that we would never give up, but promises were not enough
was in ignorance or innocence to blame...either way