Holly Lynnea

Holly Lynnea

 Louisville, Kentucky, USA

For a woman who thought she would be in advertising, comedy turned out to be where she landed. With a quick wit and quirky imagination, Holly Lynnea easily sets herself apart from your classroom jokester.


Growing up an only child in Louisville, Kentucky, Holly had the stage at her beck and call. Armed with quick wit and a quirky imagination, she easily sets herself apart from the average classroom jokester. While pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Indiana Wesleyan University, she decided to take her comedy seriously. She officially accepted the title of “comedian, writer and actress” while training at the Second City Training Center in Chicago, IL.

In record time, Holly has been fortunate to open for such comedy notables as D.L. Hughley, and work with Roy Wood Jr., Maronzio Vance, Tommy Johnagin, Louis Katz, Spanky Brown, Donna Carter, Matt Fulchiron and others. In 2012, she performed at Gilda's Laugh Fest, Chicago Women's Funny Festival and Cincinnati Brew Ha-Ha Comedy Festival. In 2013, Holly has already performed at the Jestival Comedy Festival and is slated to perform at Gilda’s Laugh Fest again.

Holly’s comedic style can be described in two words: honest & cerebral. She explores the humor in life’s nuances while balancing her quick wit, with off-beat observations. Always engaging, she shares the experiences that led to her quirky and random worldviews and presents them in a charmingly unapologetic little package... bow sold separately.

“Comedy is very subjective, much like fashion and music, so I try to bring something to the stage for everyone. I keep male bashing to a minimum, yet I don't let up on the ladies either. Let's just say, my material choice is not what you would expect from me. And I like it that way!”