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alternative universe

Written By: mathis/mathis

My Alternative Universe

Verse One
Yeah, I'm a dreamer
means I see things
all my own way
imagination never hurt a soul

I close my eyes, yeah
And the hours
They go by me
And I'm happy

My heart, it never hurts
In my alternative universe
Your love, it's more than words
In my alternative universe

Verse Two
I don't hold a hope out
That you'll come back
Be a changed man
It's more than a little too late

Can't say I miss you
Why would I
Don't have to
It's perfect now

And all your heart you give to me
you never lie you never leave
you hold me tight and all the rest
our love is alive inside my head


Written By: Mathis/Kinne



She¡¯d like to think she¡¯s innocent
You know she¡¯s always -- telling me it¡¯s really over
I should be more meek and sober
Every month feels like October
Man her shoulder¡¯s getting colder now

Try to hide
Try to hide it if I¡¯m feeling
Deep inside
It hurts to know I¡¯m never being ¨C brave enough to let her need me
Sick to hear her call me sweetly
I could let her kisses eat me
When she turns she¡¯ll cut me bleeding

Will it be irony
When I go -- and she comes out smelling

I Don't Even Know You Yet

Written By: Mathis


i don¡¯t even know you yet,
but the feeling that i get is you¡¯ve been hiding somewhere in my beautiful dreams.
never even held your hand
but you¡¯re soon gonna understand when this world is spinning million miles an hour you can hold on to me

we are diamonds in the rough
we are jewels ¨C we are cut by who we choose to love
i see you shining through

if there¡¯s someone you¡¯d like to be
you can start all new with me
oh baby, i don¡¯t even know you yet

wonder what you see in me
if i come off a little bit crazy, i didn¡¯t think that i was ready to give all that i want to give to you.
there¡¯s no way to take this slow
cause next thing you know, life goes on like a storm, and the only thing sure is that all of it changes.

we are moods, we are weather
we are souls linked together
this is bigger than us ¨C but don¡¯t you be afraid

cause certain as i¡¯m standing here
you are everything amazing, baby and
i don¡¯t even know you yet.

we are particles of sun
we mirrors we are one for all and all for each other,
let your light shine through

i¡¯ll know you a hundred years
and i will still be filled with wonder, thinking
i don¡¯t even know you
cause there¡¯s so much about you, baby
i don¡¯t even know you yet.