Holly Ramos

Holly Ramos


quirky americana with a new york attitude. modern female singer/songwriter reminiscent of 1960's and 70's pop. melodic tunes with simple beautiful production. sounds like the 5 corners intersection of shelby lynn, mazzy star, johnny thunders and the ronetts.


“Ultimately we are all interested in hearing stories and it turns out that I am a story teller, through and through. I like to present a situation and let people respond however they want. I think certain values come through, such as the power of love. Love and heartbreak are the central characters on Racehorse, the way we need love and strive for it, and all of the ups and downs that come along the road. One of my hopes is that people participate: listen to the words and be entertained, care, or have an emotional response.” ~ ~ Holly Ramos

You can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the girl. Take for example singer-songwriter HOLLY RAMOS. A true New Yorker born and bred in Manhattan, HOLLY now lives in sunny El-Lay but maintains her Big Apple street cred and possesses a voice she describes as “pure Bronx.” On Racehorse, her debut album as a solo artist, HOLLY seamlessly segues from punk princess to Americana sweetheart. “My dainty songs sit somewhere in the middle of all that, soft and almost easy, with a little attitude and edge amidst all this living.”

HOLLY is no stranger to positive media reviews: The LA Weekly's Steven Leigh Morris commented on the “riveting sensuality” of her work; Variety’s Julio Martinez called her work “Outstanding;” Alternative Press Magazine dubbed her “a star already;” David Noh in Film Journal International compared her to Warhol superstars Andrea Feldman and Patti D'Arbanville; and Entertainment Weekly listed her in "The 10 Best Bands You've Never Heard Of."

The melodies on Racehorse are poppy, the delivery and phrasing loose, the writing modern and reminiscent of classic ‘60s and ’70s pop. HOLLY’s voice can be sweet as a child’s or sexy as a woman’s, but her stories are always wise, heartbreaking and funny. The attitude remains punk with an edge that continues to earn HOLLY comparisons to some of her musical heroes, like the New York Dolls’ Johnny Thunders. “My heroes Dee Dee Ramone and Iggy Pop have both come to my shows,” she proudly says.

In a previous incarnation, HOLLY was front woman of downtown punk trio Fur, who released their self titled CD and a handful of singles on Blackout! Records in the 1990s. Further ingraining herself into “the scene,” HOLLY was well known as a vinyl-only DJ at the notorious Greendoor parties throughout the ’90s.

During her illustrious punk past, HOLLY played guitar backing up a solo Joey Ramone at one of his infamous Christmas shows at Coney Island High, performed everywhere from CBGB’s and Jackie 60 to New York City’s Museum of Contemporary Art, and toured the US and Europe. Her experiences are referenced in Steve Blush’s “American Hardcore,” the definitive book on the history of hardcore punk music. HOLLY can be seen on the silver screen in the principal role of Natalie in the indie cult feature film “Margarita Happy Hour,” directed by Ilya Chaiken, and starring in the official Sundance Film Festival selection, “The 100 Lover’s of Jesus Reynolds,” also directed by Chaiken.
But first and foremost, HOLLY is a musician. “I am a singer songwriter, have been forever. I wasn't credited when I first wrote songs for my friends, but it didn't matter. Eventually I got the courage to do it myself. I hope you like my songs; they’re tales of growing up, loving people…sometimes the wrong people. Maybe you can relate?”_
A long-standing friendship with Jesse Malin led the pair to collaborate musically. Their story harkens back to high school, where the pair dated. “By now, we’re family,” says HOLLY. Malin responds: “Holly sings the truth and it always feels right. She is my hero, muse and secret weapon. When I need inspiration, she’s where I go.” Malin produced her demo that featured Ryan Adams, Iggy Pop’s drummer Paul Garisto and Robbie William’s bass player Fil Izler. "Waterfall," which came out of those sessions, is featured on Racehorse.

Joining a Who’s Who of Americana Rockers like Bruce Springsteen, Jakob Dylan and Ryan Adams, HOLLY lends her collaborative skills to Malin’s 2007 CD Glitter in the Gutter, co-writing "Black Haired Girl" and "Tomorrow Tonight.” She also co-wrote “Cigarettes and Violets” on Malin’s The Fine Art of Self-Destruction and “God’s Lonely People” on The Heat

Recent collaborator Antony, of 2005 Mercury Award winning group Antony and the Johnsons, recalls: “Holly is the one who first sat me down and played James Brown records for me. She is the real thing. Her songs have been an integral part of the soundtrack of my life over the last decade.”

Speaking about her first foray into being a solo artist, HOLLY reveals: “The tales collected on the album are stories I can't help but let out. They are stories about addiction to negative ions, cute girls who walk around on the Lower East Side along with the ‘roosters’ and ‘chickens,’ holding my father’s hand when he was dying though I wasn't sure I even liked him, and pledging love to a lover



Written By: holly ramos

eastside by the school yard we don't work hard, we got roosters and chickens on the street
from uptwn where they get high just to get by, there came a girl named evangeline
she's not like all the others, sends flowers to her mother, the finest girl you ever seen

she makes out with her boyfriend in the diner, eating french fries in between
she does things when they get home that you can't do alone and no honest man would believe
says he's the guy she's gonna marry, she calls him harry, even though his name is steve

one day a greyhound rolls by, she doesn't say goodbye cause she got no reason to leave
and one day when she walks by I'm gonna say hi to that girl names evangeline
she got a $10 haircut to look like elvis, the finest girl you ever seen

(kiss like a) waterfall

Written By: holly ramos

beautiful beautiful
you flow just like you should
so strong a song
you make me feel so good
i wait till when
i will see you again
i live for you
i bite my lip till then
come come come comin' down hard
high high high and above me
oh oh
kiss like a waterfall

come come I'm in love
you're what i'm thinking of
actual natural
you're below and above
once lost now i'm found
i listen to your sound
get chills get thrills
when you are splashing down
come come come comin' down hard
high high high and above me
oh oh
kiss like a waterfall

overboard, pushing through
i wanna be with you
jump in i'll swim
i'll risk my life for you
it seems to me to be no use
to fight my addiction to
come come come comin' down hard
high high high and above me me
kiss like a waterfall
kiss like a waterfall
kiss like a waterfall
oh oh

"Thinking About You"

Written By: Holly ramos

i'm watching tv with dirty hair now and thinking about you.
not doing my wash or washing dishes, just thinking about you.
it's hard to get up. i just keep calling that same old take out menu.
i'm eatin' with my eyes closed and lyin' in my bed and thinking about you

i can't seem to do too much of anything else, oh yeah.
i wish you were here, then things would be swell.

walking the dog, out in my pajamas and thinking about you
wearing two day oul eye shadow in the sun on my stoop and thinking about you.
it's good to get out of the house but it's so hard to groom.
combing the knots out and chipping polish off my nails and thinking about you.

my freinds are teasing me because i'm such an awful mess, oh yeah.
i'm laughing too cause it's my only rest from...

thinking about you got me thinking maybe what i'm going through doesn't all have to do with you.
so i took a shower and for an hour, i didn't once think about you.
sometines i wish it was 1976 and i was this shiney and new, oh yeah.
sometimes i wish things weren't like this and i wasn't stuck here just singing about you.

i know i'm being dumb and macho and i know it's time to let go.

these days i got no obligations. i can do anything i wanna do.
livin' the high life i can have one evry night, a new good-lookin' sweetheart or two.
i'm getting better at being a forgetter but i must admit the truth.
sometimes at night i'll be lyin' in my bed and i still think of you.
once in a while lyin' with my eyes close i still think of you.


Racehorse (full length cd on FORD TO CITY DROP DEaD records)

Set List

i believe
thinking about you
sick of goodbye
coal miner's lullabye
art lover*(written by ray davies, orig by the kinks)
gold and catholic
i ask myself
better yet
this bird has flown
kiss like a waterfall
the set is usually 45 minutes