Holly Riggs

Holly Riggs

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If your inner most self was audible it would sound a lot like Holly's diatribes. She is poetry that met music and fell in love. In your car, alone, on a big hill overlooking a grand city scape, watching all the buildings and cars below, Holly Riggs is what you would want to listen to.


When a person calls themselves an artist-- it can be taken any number of ways. When Holly Riggs calls herself an artist it means a way of life. She writes, she creates visual artwork, she performs with intense reality, makes custom jewelry, and is currently returning to her roots in the theatre. But its all in a days work. Ms Riggs' sound can best be described as Ani DiFranco on Hip-Hop with a side of something you can't quite pin down...because it is totally original. She is the girl next door who happens to be from another world.
Holly has come from the burbs to show us all that "soul" is not where you grew up...it is what you choose to give of yourself and to yourself. She is pioneering new ways of expressing ancient art forms while encouraging community in a coffee shop near you.


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