Holly Sellers

Holly Sellers


Sunsets, bad relationships and depression rolled into soft, ethereal violins and vocals.


Having grown up in the creative melting pot of art known as Melbourne, and after several years of playing violin in bands there, she has decided to venture over to windswept Scotland for a change of scene and pace in the beautiful city of Edinburgh.


Elephants in the woods

Written By: Holly Sellers

The moon sits high above the horizon,
the man surveys the land below.
Every day he goes out to work from eight til seven,
he toils hard but it's only for show.
When he comes home, he places himself on the sofa,
Turns on the news, another thousand dead in a far off land.
His two little girls tear each other's dolls apart behind him.
His worn-out wife replies, with a slap of a hand.

The moon gets lower and gets closer, the tired land begins to glow.
Contaminated by complacency, poisoned rivers continue to flow.

The man changes from the news to a quiz show, calls the girls in to watch, to learn names of sports stars and actors. He forgets about the troubles of foreign lands. He's done a good days work and will do another tomorrow. He does his best for the family, he contributes to society. What more could you ask?

The moon has set, capitulating to the dawn's impressive power. The same dawn, that's seen death and destruction, but remains silent lest it wilt the flowers.


Written By: Holly Sellers

Where are my priorities these days? Why am I always running 'round trying to impress? Have I forgotten what it is that I want to do? For the promise of a fat paycheck.

And can I ignore the pain that goes around and comes around?
And can i ignore the pain that comes and goes, and goes and comes?

Isn't it better to live by your own ideals than just try to fit in. (repeat x3)

Am I wrong to think about such things, should I be keeping my head down? Working hard on the meaningless matters that make up daily life?
But can I ignore? And can I ignore?
But can I ignore? I can't ignore...


Nothing released as yet.

Set List

5 or 6 songs of my own choosing, possibly one a cover e.g. Joni Mitchell's "Rainy night House"